Friday, August 03, 2007

Day 162 - 163.6 Thoughts on My Body on Vacation

Vacation was great. Lots of fun, relaxing... everything it should be with 2 kids in the summer in Cincinnati. We did the Newport Aquarium and the Cinci Zoo the first two days. Then we moved from the Kings Island hotel to a new place and didn't budge. If you have a Great Wolf Lodge near a vacation destination and have kids, I highly recommend it. We didn't leave there for 2 days--the indoor water park and the kid's center were all we needed for fun.

I didn't exercise a lick while we were gone, and still haven't made it back to the gym. Planning on an easy run tonight to get back in the swing of things. Food wise-- I tried to make smart choices, eating like "a skinny person on vacation." I indulged some, I restrained some, I listened to what my body wanted. And I gained a couple pounds which are now gone, so all in all, I think it was a success.

It was refreshing to go to a water park and be comfortable with my body. I could get in and out of the inner tubes on the lazy river with ease. I walked around in my skirted suit bottom (love that suit style--no worries about saddle bags) and striped tankini top, and felt good.

Same with the rest of the trip. I had packed simply, and I felt good and looked good in everything I wore. The last time I remember being happy about how I looked on vacation was when I was 23 and went to Europe. I was a thin 140ish then, and didn't even know I looked as good as I did. But I was comfortable with my body then, as I am becoming now.

I still want to lose the rest of this weight and get to goal. My stomach is still very flabby and my waist is wide. My hips and thighs need some serious reducing. But I can dress in clothes to look like I weigh 130 pounds. Which is what my Niece-In-Law from Indianapolis said to me last week--that I look like I weigh 130 pounds. I just beamed with happiness at that nicest compliment ever.


ws said...

sounds like you had a great vacation! welcome back. the compliment from your niece is great.

have a great run today. It always takes me a few days to get back into the regular schedule when I return from vacation.

enjoy the weekend.

Lori said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful; there's a Great Wolf Lodge about an hour and a half from me, but I'd need to have kids to go there and/or swim better/better control of the knee.

I think you learned some good lessons on vacationing and food and exercise with your trip to Cincy. And you, like Alicia, had a relevation about your body and enjoyed yourselves swimming.

Of course you looked good. You are fantastic looking!