Monday, August 06, 2007

Day 165 - 162.8 - Stop the Insanity, please!

This is going to be an absolutely insane week.

What's going to drive me batty:
1) Day camp ended last week, but school doesn't start until next Monday, so Sophie will have different babysitters every day this week.

2) Luke is sick today; I had a sitter for 3 hours this morning, but now I'm home from work. He has a Dr. appt this afternoon, and I just hope he's okay to go to his regular sitter tomorrow.

3) We have two seminars for work this week-- Tuesday and Thursday nights. I have baby sitters lined out, the same girls watching Sophie during the day (two sisters taking turns, since they will be here for 12 hours straight). The prep work is mostly done, but phone calls before and after seminars are my job, and they are time consuming and make me a little nervous.

4) Our work internet system has been down all morning. I have new accounts to book and service to existing accounts that needs to be done. Not to mention we're in the middle of a stock market correction. (AHA! It's just now back up. Well, at least that's better now.)

5) My husband is a total ball of stress. Work, the Markets, sick kid and me out of the office-- he doesn't handle this stuff well.

6) I have a muscle injury under my right shoulder blade and it hurts like the devil. I have no time to visit the doctor/chiropractor/massage therapist. My husband will have to do his best to work it out through massage & pressure, when there's time.

7) My usual afternoon workouts are going to suffer. Not sure how, but I'm going to find time to get to the gym. Tonight, it will have to be after the kids are asleep if I'm going to go. We'll see.

But there's always something positive, if you look hard enough:
1) I got a great run in yesterday, and spent 69 total minutes on the treadmill for a total of 5.32 miles.

2) I do not have the desire to eat my way through this stress.

3) We had a date night Saturday, saw The Bourne Ultimatum (LOVED IT), and I had most of Sunday afternoon to myself, which was awesome.

4) I got two summer skorts on sale at Dress Barn and a couple of dress pants for work, all size 8s. EIGHT!

5) I finished Harry Potter 7 on Friday night. It was the best ever. Sad that it's over, but I plan to re-read book 6 when Mark is finished with it, because there's so much I forgot and want to revisit. And there are still two movies to look forward to which will be amazing and the best yet.

6) The scale is still moving down.

If my posting and commenting is spotty this week, you'll know why. Positive prayers and thoughts sent my way are always welcome!


Grumpy Chair said...

Sending positive thoughts your way.

I hope your little boy feels better. It is tough working and having a sick child at home.

I loved how you found positives - I need to try that too!

Your progress pictures are fantastic!!! You give me such hope!!! You look so beautiful and skinny. I have always wanted to own a skinny black dress - maybe one day soon.

ws said...

what is the deal with camps ending so early these days. when I was a camper it went to the end of August and when I worked at camp I finished the last day of August... I hope your son feels better soon. In my family we don't say "stock market correction" we use euphemisms like "have you jumped yet" or "don't swim with any bricks tied to your ankle."

Hope you get to work-out your stress and things calm down for you.