Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 183 - 159.8

Thank you for your helpful comments yesterday.

Vickie, that is the pep talk I needed and it's really helped turn my attitude around this morning. I appreciate your comments about the LA people--you are right on about them following the program and not necessarily dealing in nutrition reality.

Wendy, I was wondering if running more and doing fewer other activities could cause things to stall. I know your body gets used to the same activity and mixing it up helps move things on. I probably need to add back some aerobics classes, which I haven't done in weeks.

Alicia, thanks for your faith in me!

I did feel petty in some ways, complaining about a plateau when I've had a good run so far. But that's what cyberspace is for, I suppose-- complaining to the ether when no one in your real life wants to hear it.

Okay. So. I'm shaking it up with the Take Off juice plan this weekend. I'll work in some aerobics classes next week instead of just running. And I'll take what I get on the scale and keep living a healthy life and enjoy my success so far.

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ws said...

the body definitely adapts to running - plus mixing it up with other activities will improve your running since it will likely strengthen the opposing muscles...hope you have a great weekend.