Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 182 - 160.0 The P Word

Have you ever been trucking along, happy as can be, when someone plants a tiny seed of doubt or uncertainty and that seed grows and grows and then you're a total wreck?

Well, on Monday the seed was planted, and now I'm a head case.

I have been floating around 160 for a week and a half, which in and of itself is no big deal. My weight has stabilized before for a while, then dropped a couple of pounds in a few days. This is not the first time I've not lost weight over the past 6 months.

But Monday my LAWL counselor said I had hit a plateau. I was in complete denial Monday and thought she was bonkers. But the seed is growing in my head and this morning when I got on the scale and it said 160--after 3 days in a row of workouts and decent food & water intake--I was pissed. I was upset, mad, and frustrated. I got on the scale again and expected a different result.

How stupid.

This whole thing-- being upset about not losing anything significant in a week and a half--is ridiculous. I know it. I'm sorry to put it out here but I've got to because my head and my heart are warring with each other. And I need to clean up my heart pronto before I get discouraged.

So. I can do this. I feel great, I look good. I will continue to eat well and live like I'm maintaining. I will keep running, longer and faster. And the scale will move down, or it won't.

I am not ready to call it quits on losing, but I'm also not willing to make myself crazy and unhappy because I'm not meeting my goal by a certain date on the calendar. LA Weight Loss has been a huge reason I've been able to lose this weight, but I may have to take charge of this situation if I continue to stall. I'm not going to be miserable just because I'm not meeting the time frame they say I should.

Okay. I hope that pep talk works for me. I'll let you know tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.


Grumpy Chair said...

Free your mind . . . .

I would keep doing what you are doing and not fret until next Thursday. If your weight is still around 159.8 or 160 then you probably have hit the P word.

I know it is frustrating and basically can *$%^& with your mind but I know you will be the one who can break through.

ws said...

I'm not sure what to say since I basically gave up on losing anymore and have been at the same weight since november when I started running...I know you are training for the 5K, but after the race a change in workouts might help shake things up. Hope you are feeling better soon...

Vickie said...

Sorry for your mixed feelings.

Probably what you have been experiencing - steady loss - is the atypical.

And what you might be experiencing now - stall and go, stall and go, is more normal.

You have had a long run of steady loss. I am not sure that I remember anyone else losing THAT steadily. Count your blessings. Think of all the bloggers that were eating all the right things and doing all the right exercise and just couldn't seem to lose. They are out there still.

It might be that you are moving into a different pattern now.

You might want to look at it that you have had a good long straight downhill ride and now you are going to go through a spell of coast and downhill, coast and downhill.

I have read quite a bit that the LA people are trained on LA only and are not certified in nutrition/training.

I am not sure if this is the case with your facility or not.

But if it IS the case - then who ever you are working with ONLY knows what they have been taught by LA.

They might not have the experience of working with a broad range of different programs/people.

So, if they only have LA experience - they are looking at some chart and expecting it to fit everyone all the time, and it might not.

I am not suggesting that you ditch LA or that you ignore your staff.

I am just saying - it might be that they have blinders about the program - narrow focus.

And isn't it TTOM for you right now? I think you and I have always been on the same schedule.

The heat is making me very swollen right now. My watch didn't fit yesterday. It might be that your weather is even hotter.

You just have to do the best that you can each day.

I think it is self defeating to expect certain things (scale) to happen by certain dates.

I just don't think that the female body is that mathematically/scientifically predictable.

There are just too many factors - some we understand and some we don't.

Keep your chin up. You have done a great job.