Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 187 - 159.8

Well, back up a pound. Oh well.

Last night I had an awesome cardio class at the gym. My legs are so sore--we did a ton of squats and lunges. I can tell my cardio endurance has improved because I could do the whole class and wasn't exhausted during or after. It wasn't easy, but I hung with all the moves and didn't have to rest during the workout.

I didn't eat dinner until 8 p.m., and I hate eating that late. I was asleep around 10:30 so that's not much time for my fish, sugar snap peas, and toast with cinnamon (dessert!) to digest.

I've discovered Orange Roughy! We had a box of it in the deep freeze from GFS, and I needed a 3rd protein choice on my 2 day Take Off this weekend. I had no idea how easy this could be to make. I thaw it for 20ish minutes in a bowl of cold water. Then heat a tsp of olive oil in a non stick skillet, dry the fillets on a paper towel and lightly spray them with cooking spray. Then I shake on Mrs Dash lemon pepper seasoning. I put the seasoned side face down on the preheated pan, and spray and shake the other side. Cook each side 2-3 minutes and YUM. So good, so healthy! It's not fishy tasting at all, and the lemon pepper gives it a lovely flavor. I am not a cook by any stretch, and usually my protein is chicken or ground turkey or sirloin tip on the Foreman grill; those are getting old, let me tell you. The fish is a nice change.

Sophie did great at swimming. There were 4 girls, including Sophie, at the level 2 class who were moved up to level 3, which is great because that class is at 5:00 and easier for me to get to. She was so excited, had such a fun time, and did very well. She loves soccer, too, since she's started with the new instructor (who is a 1st grade teacher and a total sweetheart with the kids) on Thursday nights. I am just tickled--getting her started in these activities at age 6 is the key, I think, to helping her be physically fit the rest of her life.

Not sure if I'm going to run today or not. We have a client coming at 4:30 that I need to be here for, and then dancing tonight, so I may skip a lunch workout today. My legs are pretty sore, so I'm working myself up to a lot of excuses to skip it. If I do, it's not a big deal. Life, after all, is more than working out. ;-)


Vickie said...

thanks for your especially nice note on my blog today. You are pretty special too.

Tigerlilly said...

Wait... what??... life is more then working out?? Really?? LOL

Sometimes your forget that!

Yeah Sophie!!!

Have a great day!

ws said...

"life, after all, is more than working out?!?" Really, I wish someone would tell me that everytime I set my alarm for 4:15am.

Victoria said...

Hahaha, love your post. Sometimes I get too caught up in organising my spare time around working out, how sad. Well done on your class, its good that you recognise that your fitness is improving and the scale isn't the world either :)

Vics xx

Grumpy Chair said...

Thanks for the info on your take-off plan.

I love orange roughy. I cook it two ways: with lemon juice or Mediterranean style. So good.

Lori said...

That's pretty impressive, your performance at aerobic class. I should plan my life around going to the gym; it would be better for me.

Yay for Sophie!