Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 188 - 159.4

I. Am. So. Sore.

I know your muscles are usually in worse shape on day 2, but I was praying it wouldn't be the case this time. That somehow magically I'd be immune from the effects of all those squats and lunges and pushups.

Ho, boy, was I wrong.

I can barely sit down and stand up, and getting up and down off the floor (I have a 21 month old, so I spend quite a bit of time down there) just about did me in this morning.

How in the heck am I gonna run this afternoon? We shall see. It may be some hobbled walking on the treadmill instead of anything resembling a run. And I've got to do something today, because the only exercise I got yesterday was 75 minutes of the Cha-Cha at dance class with my husband (which, while entertaining and fun, certainly does not qualify for aerobic activity unless you are in your 80s).

On the food front, after reading Debbi's post yesterday which contained a link to an article on the Biggest Loser, I've decided I'm going to ask LA to drop me down to plan 1, which is less food. When they changed all the plans back in early July, they increased my calories by about 300 and now I'm eating around 1600 calories a day. I think that's just enough to have put a stop to my weight loss and make my body think it's maintaining.

The article says to eat 7 calories for every pound you weigh, which means I need to be eating 1116 calories to lose at a rate of 2 pounds a week. I'd probably round that up to 1200 for good measure.

It also says to workout 60 minutes every day, and while I would love to do that and would feel great about it, I just can't make the time right now. I'm in the contemplation mode of some morning runs (Wendy is my hero!), and hope to work myself up to a few A.M. runs before my first ever Race on September 16. Morning workouts would be a major accomplishment for me, but also a tremendous shift in my core personal belief that exercise and mornings just don't mix.

ETA: Just got back from my LA weigh in. I was up .6 from Monday. I asked about being moved to plan 1, and the counselor said she'd take away a starch for a week and see how that goes. Plan 2 is supposed to be about 1400 calories. We'll see if that works.


Tigerlilly said...

Thanks for the great comment you left on my blog. I really appreciated every word.

Lowering calories can jump start weight loss, but I've also heard it can have the opposite affect. Kind of like starving yourself, your body starts to store fat again, instead of burning it. I dont know, let me know what LA says.

As for working out for an hour everyday... does house work count?? Cuz I rock then!! LOL

I lifted weights yesterday.. went to pick up my two year old this morning and just about cried. (while she was laughing at mama for making funny noises!)

ws said...

I'm flattered, but undeserving. You have a husband and children to care for and I just have me so my priorities can be screwed up without impacting others...

if you do run today and it hurts too much, switch to a walk. Don't adjust your gait or your stride just to run one day...

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!