Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day 168 - 161.2

Yesterday's weight was 162.4, but today it's back down to below my lowest weight on Tuesday. I am oh so close to a new decade. With a "5" in 2nd position. Those will be glory days, my friends.

My official weight Tuesday at LA was 162.8, which is 17.8 pounds from goal. My original goal date was in mid September, which is only 6 weeks away. So I'm not going to hit the date goal, but frankly a consistent 2 pounds per week is unrealistic. And I knew that I would lose the last pounds slower than the first. And as long as I'm not at a plateau, I feel good about my progress.

Yesterday's run was hard. The gym was so hot--not like outside of course, but it was stifling nonetheless. I even had a fan on me and was having a hard time breathing. I am such a wimp when it comes to heat. I ran a solid mile, then walked, then ran a half, then walked, then ran a quarter, then walked, then ran another quarter. I did 5K in 36:40. So if it's hot on September 16th for my first race, which it likely will be, then I expect I'll be running slow.

I'm a little better mentally, but it comes and goes. Yesterday's trip to the grocery store, after work and after the gym, wore me out. My son whined a great deal, my daughter would not stop asking me for stuff, and by the time we got home I was done. Long story short--I let Sophie stay up too late working on her project stuff (she creates animals and their accoutrement from paper, and then breathes life into them), and she had a melt down. And so did I. It was not a pleasant evening. I am ready for school to start so we can get back on a schedule.

On the good side--I got a lot of reading done in my book while Sophie played, and I really like it. And tonight is our last seminar. And at last, our account system is back up.

Now if the heat would just break, life would be much peachier.

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ws said...

today would be a day I'd rather not have accounts available. I can't watch the market, it is making me crazy. easy come, easy go, I guess.

Great job on your run.