Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 186 - 158.8

Saturday's weight was 161--it was exactly what I needed to see to get on the Take Off juice program over the weekend. And I did it, but it was so hard. Especially on Saturday because it's tough getting used to not eating much.

Quick recap of what Take Off is-- 6oz protein (spread over 2-3 meals), 32 oz juice, unlimited green veggies, 2 LA Lite bars, lots of water. And that's the menu for 2 days. So it's not "no sugar," just very little food. But it works. Sunday was easier because your body seems to get used to it after a day. It's amazing, though, how spacey I felt and how listless, without the calories I'm used to.

I know I've gotten rid of the water weight from Saturday and just hope the lower weight sticks and the scale will start moving down again.

Tonight Sophie has her first swim lessons. After she's finished, I'll take her to the Kid's Club (day care at the gym) where she'll join her brother for about an hour, and I'm doing an aerobics class. No running until tomorrow. Hopefully that will continue to shake things up.


ws said...

keeping track of the weekly miles in the sidebar now too - that's a dangerous trap to get sucked into! hope the scale keeps moving for you.

Grumpy Chair said...

I have never thought about having a "take-off" two day plan. But I think that is a good idea for anyone who gets stuck at a certain weight.

I just started my TTOM, so I won't do it this week, though I never have much of an appetite during it's just the right before - any way, I'm prone to bad headaches during this time and I don't want to bring one on with a quick two day "take-off" plan.

But I'm gonna try it next week.