Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 176 - 160.8

Yesterday the scale read 159.8. I got to see that "5," even though it was fleeting. Today I was back up a pound. But the 5 is in my future next week, I am sure.

Running planned for after work is 3.5 miles, according to my training plan. That will be the longest I've ever run. I'm feeling good today, so I expect it will be entirely possible. Wednesday when I ran 3.1 miles, I was pretty spent at 2.5 but at 3.0 I felt like I could keep going and going. I ran out of time, so had to stop at 3.1. But that feeling of "Wow, okay, now I'm in a groove I could really keep going on" isn't a feeling I get very often. I liked it a lot. I hope I find it again this afternoon.

I'm off to the doctor for a physical. He used to prescribe my Lexapro, and so this would be my annual check up for that, but since I'm off the drug it's going to be my "Look at me! I'm so healthy and fit! Let's get bloodwork done to prove it!" appointment.

My weekend will likely be insane just as the week has been, but hoping for cooler temps (the 90s! oh joy!) and cooler heads and hearts. Best wishes to you fabulous people who stop by to give me kudos on a regular basis. You're da bomb.


ws said...

have a great weekend, Laura. Good luck with the dr's appt - hopefully their scale shows you 159! That groove while running is awesome - sometimes it happens quickly and other times it takes longer, but when you get there, you always know it.

Grumpy Chair said...

I just got caught up reading your blog. Congratulations on entering the 150's.

Grumpette will go to Kindergarten next year. I know I will be the one crying.

Hope you have a super week.

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, congratulations! Good luck with the doctor's appointment. You are so awesome!

Vickie said...

Anything exciting from your appointment? How is school going at your house?

Congrats on the 150's -

Is it a weird mix of seeming like it took forever and seeming like it was almost too quick?