Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Surprises All Around

Please indulge me for a moment, you non-American Idol fans...

DAVID COOK WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW, I am shocked. He was too, I think. I am such a goober--sat here after the kids were in bed watching AI on the DVR, and I fast forwarded through all the has-beens (I'm assuming some were decent? Who knows, I didn't have time for any of that... give me the envelope, please!) and then watched the results and got tears in my eyes because I am so stinking happy that this person I don't even know now has a brand new life ahead of him.

And I get to be one of his biggest fans (yes, that was me who just downloaded all his AI songs off of iTunes before they were deleted tonight at midnight). He beat Little David by 12 million votes. I was 2 of them. Yay DC!

The other surprise (much less dramatic, but hey it's my blog so I pimp myself here, ya feel me?) was that I got to go to my weights class afterall. We finished with our meeting way earlier than I thought we would, so I ran home, changed, picked up kids, and hit the gym. I was only 5 minutes late, and I stayed another 25 minutes for part of the pilates class afterwards. I am sweetly sore right now.

I will sleep happy tonight.


Carly said...

Wooo Hoooo! Nice job on the workout. I am LMAO at AI, I don't watch it but you sound like my hubby around election time.

Jill said...

WOOHOO!!!!!! Our 4 votes made the difference didn't they!?!?!

I was soooo wishing I had you on the phone last night so we could comment on all has-beens!! I actually thought Donna Summer sounded REALLY good, George Michael, not so much. But Seal...sigh...he is just so freaking cool it hurts!!

I thought it was a good show, some of it was kinda random, like Jimmy Kimmel's stand up routine - weird, although I liked his Simon song.

And just what the hell was Carrie Underwood wearing last night??? Did she forget her pants on purpose? And the shawl thing was sooo not working for her!! She bugged me last night. My friend calls her Cherry Underwear, isn't that funny?!

The AI tour is coming to Tulsa on Sept 13, I wonder if I could still get tickets???

Anyway, I am so glad David Cook won, he totally deserved it. His time is now, Archuletta still has lots of time to get his career going.

Dang, what am I going to do now that Bones, House, and AI are over ?????

(sigh) I love David Cook.

Marcy said...

"hey it's my blog so I pimp myself here, ya feel me?"

OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAA I would not expect these words from you. And now I'm totally going to have to steal it one of these times ;-)

Grumpy Chair said...

I thought of you and Jill last night. We got home in time to watch the last hour of AI and my favorite part was the Pips tryout (I hope you didn't fast forward through that).

George Michael - weird song and I swear I thought I heard booing in the background when he first starting singing (poorly I might add).

I was shocked only because everyone seemed to think the other David was going to win. For a second after Ryan said his last name - I thought he was ad-libbing and just giving it to David Cook (ala the Oscars and Marisa Tomei's wink wink "win") because he rightly deserved it.

Helen said...

I am right with you...I was SO sure that The Pipsqueak was going to win that I was just lying there in bed calmly and when Ryan said "Cook", I went bananas!!! My dog even started barking! ;-) I couldn't help shedding a tear...not only is he really GOOD (unlike many previous "Idols") all he is going through with his brother battling cancer and this being such a huge time in his life, well, I had to cry right along with him. HUGE happy surprise. And I too went to iTunes and downloaded some of his songs last night...and then listened to them...they really hold up. I wonder how many people did the same thing? Hmmmm

Anyway, I was so "up" that I couldn't fall asleep until 1 am. GO DC!!!!!

Heather said...

i know! I was so thrilled last night. I definitely wanted him to win.

MB said...

I love DC too! I thought the young girls would have swung the vote in little David's favor.

I actually think DC would have been better coming in 2nd place because he wouldn't have to be under the A.I. thumb for his first album. I was happy to see the better singer win. I really wanted Michael Johns to win but DC was my second favorite.

Sweet dreams.