Friday, May 23, 2008

154.6 - Pizza and the Weekend

Last night we took the kids to a local pizza parlor and ate pizza. This restaurant has the distinction of being the first to bring pizza to Evansville in the 1950s. They know their stuff. They make the thin, cracker-crust style that I really like. And I only eat plain cheese because I like the simplicity of it and don't so much enjoy flavors mixed on pizza (I know, I'm a weirdo). But I ate a lot. So, obviously I gained a bit today.

And I am still sore from my weights class Wednesday and haven't done any more workouts since then.

Tonight is Sophie's birthday party. She will be seven years old on Sunday, May 25th. Her party is a Webkins party. Webkins are stuffed animals that also have an online counterpart. It's crazy how elaborate the website is. And they are all the rage in this age group now, so it's a timely party for Miss Princess Sophie.

Mark is taking her to ride a pony at a stable tomorrow afternoon, and she has no idea. It's his big surprise to her. He likes to get her something special just from him every year.

I bought her another American Girl doll (Josephina, which she asked for) and an outfit for her dolls. This will be her 2nd. They are expensive, so are reserved for the big days like Christmas and birthdays. But she loves her Emily doll, and still fawns over her (the hair on these dolls is like none I've ever never tangles and stays beautiful when you brush it). So it will be a good gift.

The weekend will be fun, with a birthday picnic at the park Sunday after church, then if the weather's nice we'll take the kids to the pool at our gym on Monday.

I'm planning on squeezing in a workout or two in the next three days. I'd like to get back down to 153 next week and start working my way down to the 140s soon. I'd really like to be 145 by the end of the summer.

Tuesday is Sophie's last day of school. I can't believe she's almost done with Kindergarten and will be a 1st grader. My baby's all grows up.

That's about all I have the brain power to deliver right now. I'm tired and grumpy and have so much work to do and don't want to do it. So, let's hear it for a 3 day weekend and some rejuvenation.


G.G. said...

Well, if you're weirdo, you not the only one. I like cheese pizza on a thin crust, too. I also like pizza with toppings, too--but I get in moods.

It must be so fun to have a little girl to buy things for:-)

Hope your weekend is good and restful!

Helen said...

Happy Birthday to your princess! One of our granddaughters is going to be 5 tomorrow and we got her a Webkinz too! :-)

Helen said...

One more thing on David Cook:

I guess we're not alone... ;-)

Heather said...

pizza is totally my weakness! I am just not one of those people that can have one or two pieces and be done. I always have to gorge myself with it and it sucks that it shows up on the scale. dont worry though, it wont hang around long.

Vickie said...

Josephina is the one that my youngest has and loves too - youngest and I are drawn to her ethnic clothing. I have ALWAYS wanted Addy - maybe someday I will splurge.

Happy birthday Sophie.

Jess said...

Happy birthday to Sophie!

goodbyetoallfat said...

Have a nice weekend, Laura. Do you weigh every day? I think I would send myself doolally if I did that! But very brave of you posting it every day.

Grumpy Chair said...

Hope Sophie had a great birthday party!

My kids call cheese pizza "regular pizza". Fang Jr. is just now venturing out into the sausage and pepperoni - (he is developing his taste buds . . . among other things (aaargh)).

Some of the ladies at Fang's office were talking about Webkins and a place downtown that sold them. Fang gave one of the ladies some $ to buy one for Grumpette for Christmas. Prior to that, we had never heard of them before.