Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh. So. Sore. and A Bunch of Rambling

Day 2 = pain everywhere. This is why I didn't cross train during my Half Marathon training. Lifting weights hurts for days! I realize that once I've been doing it awhile, I won't hurt so badly. But today, I can barely sit down to pee. And opening heavy doors hurts my chest. And walking up stairs.... oh don't even go there.

Sadly, my abs aren't sore at all. Guess 5 minutes at the end of class ain't gonna do it.

No weigh in today because I had Chinese food last night and I'm not a masochist. I don't want to know how much water weight I'm retaining. Lalalalala--I'm not listening to you, Mr. Scale.

Have a funeral today (my mom's husband's father died, which is sad but he was old and had severe dementia, so it's one of those "it's really a blessing" type of thing), and I'm wearing my black dress from The Limited. I'd forgotten how low cut it was, but oh well. It will give my family something to gossip about, I suppose. I do look mighty cute in it, if I do say so myself.

Tonight my mom is keeping the kids, so DH and I get to have yet another date (we are sure getting those a lot lately). I think we are going to dinner and to see the 2nd Narnia movie.

I will workout Saturday morning, with a run and another Group Power class (if I can move). I'm torn about running tonight because my legs are just shredded. I'm sure once I get going I'd be okay, but really? I'd like to be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning, so my guess is today will be another rest day.

Oh, and I'll have tons more to say about this later, but had to let you guys know--we are going to Spain next summer. With 3 other couples that we hang with. And until our first planning meeting last night (which is when I had the Chinese food) I wasn't that excited about it--because Spain has never been on my list of European destinations that I'm dying to visit, but The Mastermind of the trip decided that's where we all needed to go because none of us would ever go there by ourselves, and we are all a bunch of lemmings and nodded our heads that Yes, Max, we should all go to Spain--but after seeing where we'll likely be staying I am nothing but excited. Plans are still very preliminary, but we are looking at staying in the Catalonia region (which is north of Barcelona), in a farm house in the hills/countryside. When we get a house booked, I'll post it so you can see where we'll be staying. So far, all of them are incredible, and all are at least 15th century (one was even built in the 12th century). Unreal.

It's a whole year away, so thankfully we have time to study up on Spain and, oh yeah, work our asses off so we can afford it. But hey, my ass needs some more worked off of it anyway. I'd like it to be a bit smaller since I'm going to be on a beach next year in SPAIN!


G.G. said...

Not that I'm cool and happen to know things like this or anything, but Spain is THE place to go right now, at least food wise--very cutting edge. You are going to have a blast!

Jill said...

OOohhhh Espange!! Quel colour es tu jacqueta?? That's my limited amount of Spanish (what color is your jacket?) HOW FUN!!!

I do not envy your soreness (well actually I do) but yay because sore muscles = toned muscles!!

You are going to look so HOT in spain next summer!!! =)

Grumpy Chair said...

I gotta agree with Jill, you will look marvelous darling in Spain. How exciting!

I love that soreness because it reminds me that I worked my muscles out . . . but not to the point where I have to grab the toilet seat and ease myself down to pee.

I am looking for a quick abs dvd to use every morning when I first wake up. I'll let you know what I find.

Also, I will be curious what you think about Narnia and if Grumpette is too young to go. We all want to see that one but I am hearing it might be to scary for little ones.

Vickie said...

how thoroughly/hard are you stretching before and after your runs??? It takes a LOT for me to have sore abs too. good indicator of how much what you did - really GOT to/worked your abs - if you know what I mean.

Grumpy Chair said...

Thanks Laura for the Narnia (Prince Caspian)info. Sounds like it would be too intense for Grumpette. Looks like she and I will have to skip that one.

Hope you enjoyed your night out with the hubby and got to sleep in today.

Have a great weekend.

Cindy154 said...

Tried to post but it did not work. Said how nice it was that you and hubby are dating. And, being sore must mean you got a really good work out. Hope it eases up. Maybe you can take something for it to ease the pain..