Saturday, May 10, 2008

156.2 - 10k on the 10th

RBF Nancy hosted another virtual race, which I ran today. DH took the kids to the store (I assume to buy Mother's Day swag, but taking the kids and letting me run is a gift unto itself), and the weather was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. I felt strong and hit the pavement in my new running shoes, which felt fine and didn't hurt my shins at all.

And I think they are making me faster. Check it out:

6.2 miles in 1:07:04
Avg pace: 10:49
Lap 1: 10:15
Lap 2: 10:08
Lap 3: 11:12
Lap 4: 10:56
Lap 5: 10:52
Lap 6: 11:38
Lap 7 (.2 miles): 10:20

I ran another .4 miles to get the rest of the way home and the avg pace was 10:23.

What I feel best about this run is that I pushed myself hard and ran quite a few hills (which are really just long inclines in my part of the world). I was running 9's and 9:30's a lot, and even pushed through to some 8's and 8:30's for short bursts. I drank water just about every mile at a walk, so obviously my miles aren't averaging in the 9:30s.

But I'm gonna get there. I can feel it in my bones.

The post-race party includes a long hot bath and Jen Lancaster's new book. I've got to say, this is one of the best race events I've been a part of. Y'all should join me next time.

Yesterday's food was spot on. 1570 calories, no night snacking, one tiny bite of the kids' pizza, and lots of water. The scale obviously played along with a .8 drop, which I'll gladly take.

Happy Mother's Day all you mama's out there. Hope you get to sleep in.


Pokey said...

GREAT run Laura...and some good success at the scale too!

I am hoping that my scale going down is going to help my running pace go down too!

Marcy said...

AWESOME JOB CHICA!! You totally rocked out ;D ;D

Jess said...

Nice run! You'll enjoy Lancaster's book -- it's SO funny!

Running Knitter said...

Amazing job! Look at those split times! Whooo -hoooo!

Carly said...

Nice Job!!!!! Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

Non-Runner Nancy said...


Thanks so much for joining us!!

Doing much better, thank you. Hopefully that was evidenced in my last entry.