Thursday, May 15, 2008

154.8 - Back to Class

Now that I'm no longer in training for a half marathon, I feel like I can do more than just run (I know, I know, I should have been cross training and all that when I was in training, but the days I had available to workout had to be spent on running just so I could get the miles in).

So yesterday I took a class! At the gym! With other people! Other than the Indy Half Marathon, it was the first time in months and months that I'd done any exercise with other people around (not counting the people on the other treadmills at the gym, because really we're all in our own little world and it's a very solitary environment when everyone is plugged in, which is just fine by me). It was a Group Power class, which is like Body Pump, and is free weights in a group class environment.

It rocked. I loved every minute of it, except for the lunges. I hate lunges. And even though I can do them now with reasonable success, I still hate them with a passion. When I first started exercising and losing weight last spring, I could barely do lunges. Couldn't do them at all with a weight bar on my shoulders--I felt so stupid being the only one in class without weights (it didn't help that I was also the fattest one in the room). So even though I didn't enjoy them yesterday, it was super cool to be able to do them with a bar of weights on my shoulders.

I am reasonably sore this morning. Not so much that I can't sit down to pee (although, who knows how bad it will be tomorrow--day 2 is usually much more painful that the day after), but enough that it hurts a bit to climb stairs.

What the class did for me especially was emphasize how flabby my stomach is. I could do the 5 minutes of ab work at the end of class no problem, but having 60 minutes to examine my body in two mirrors is a recipe for micro examination of all the flabby bits. I did appreciate the strength and fabulousness of my legs, because damn! my quads and calves are in the best shape ever. And I am vain enough to notice that, besides the instructor, I was probably the fittest person in the room (there were only 3 other people besides me, and I'm such a smug ass, because I kept thinking, I bet that instructor can't run 13.1 miles), which of course is a huge change from the last time I set foot in a group exercise class.

Anyway, I need to work on my abs. Pronto. Last year I ran one night in only my sports bras (yes, plural, that's not a typo) and it felt so amazing to be sans shirt in the cool air. I'd never run like that in daylight though, because my stomach is a mess. (It did contain a 7 pound child, twice, so I am willing to cut it a break, but seriously? It's a mess.) But wouldn't it be excellent to have a belly to be proud to bare?

It's the new frontier of fitness.

Bring it on, baby!

Now I've got to dust off my Pilates DVDs and start seriously building my core. Question for you Pilates people--do you work your core like you do any other muscle, giving it a day off between workouts? Or could I do Pilates every morning before work? And yes, I realize I'd have to wake my ass up early to do this every morning before work, but I have goals and dreams. Even I can become a morning person, right?

***American Idol Chit Chat***
Woohoo! David Cook in the finals! Poor Syesha--did you see how they tried to make her crowds look bigger by cropping the camera shots in tight? Her crowds did not compare to the David's. And it was so sweet that they both cried, they were so overwhelmed. I want them both to win next week. I am setting myself up for a David C. loss, because I think David A. is unbeatable. But am consoling myself that 2nd place on Idol does not mean failure, and hoping I'll be buying his first album within the next year. The Idols are coming to Evansville in September, and I would love to go if I could get tickets. But no one I know (besides some of you) is even watching it this year, so I'd have to go by myself. Maybe I can talk my sister into going... she takes pity on me on a regular basis and might go with me.


Vickie said...

I have been thinking about the "day off" thing all week.

My suggestion would be to work your abs hard enough so that there is no doubt in your mind that you have to do every other day (because you literally have "no abs left") and have to rest in between.

This might mean stopping/rewinding so that you do multiple sets of things, or doing the whole workout twice, or it might mean using the more challenging position, or it might mean using weights, or getting harder workout DVD's.

My physical therapist suggests that we do several sets of the same things - broken apart with sets of other things in between.

she often has me do two or three sets of the same thing (with others in between).

she has really taught me to work it until it shakes and I literally can't do more - and then I still do another set.

My free weights instructor had the same "shaky" philosophy.

If you can do 100 of something without really suffering - then it is way too easy.

I watched a show about a non-fit/heavy person just starting work with two personal trainers (at different times) she said that they were very different, but equally hard. she said her personal cue on how she did was how many times she puked. 1 with first workout and 4 with second. this might seem extreme - but I totally got what she meant.

I am not saying ANY of this to someone that is just starting out.

When you start out - you are working on just being able to do anything at all. those are the workouts where you are figuring out balance and mobility and coordination and where are the body parts ARE and how to access them. That all has to come first.

But (I think) there comes a point where (we all) have a specific body part that we want to tame. or we want to get the most out of a shorter amount of time. Or we are just plain ready (mentally and physically) to kick our own butt.

and that is where we learn how to push ourselves safely.

Jill said...

Good for you on the new class!! That's awesome that you can look at your legs with admiration, and i"m sure you'll be sporting a six pack (or at least a flatter tummy) very soon! =) I would love to take a group class, but time and my cheapness won't allow for it right now, but maybe someday I'll trade in my WW fees for gym fees.

Okay, let's talk about Idol - I think DA has talent, but really the boy has no personality, while DC has loads of personality and stage presence and dreamy eyes, and smoochable lips...oh my is it getting hot in here? Sorry, I really think that DC deserves to win, but I think DA might win just because of his age and teenybopper appeal. It's going to be a close call. DC is far and away my favorite, but even if he doesn't win, I think he's going to sell lots of records (because I am going to buy them all!) Can't wait until next week!!!

Have a good afternoon!! =)

Cindy154 said...

My stomach is a mess, too but getting better. I need to step up my exercise. I like what Vickie suggests. I am going to try it. There are some videos in my archives that I can dust off now that I may actually be able to keep up with them.

Marcy said...

Oh girl I hear you! Mine is a mess, mess, mess, mess, mess LOL Unfortunately nothing short of a tummy tuck is going to help this stomach out. I should at least attempt some ab work though . . .

Grumpy Chair said...

I love the classes at the Y and so badly want to try the BodyPump class but right now it will not workout until after June 5th. (I am eagerly awaiting the summer so I can go to the Y early - we had do many weekday morning obligations during school year).

I hate lunges too, mainly because my knees are pretty bad but reading your progress with them gives me hope.

Hope you have a fab weekend.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh man, you are cracking me up with the sports bras and stomach that is a mess. I can so relate. I decided to start some exteme workouts besides running. Not too sure how smart this was two weeks before a half. I'm going to have to back way off it next week, but I have to do something more than run. I always think if I had to live a room of mirrors like that, I might not ever eat!!

Good luck with the class.