Monday, May 19, 2008

155.4 - Squishy Buns

Today's weight is a gift after the weekend of food and inactivity I indulged in. It's a gift, but it feels like the kind of gift I should return because it's not quite right. "Thank you, it's lovely and just what I always wanted" (but I'm on my way out the door with the receipt in hand to the return counter).

Because I feel all squishy and like I've replaced some muscle with fat and that's why the scale isn't being cruel, but my body is taunting me with "Ney ney na ney ney, you're still a fattie."

It's time to hit the gym again. And hard.

I only worked out twice last week, and put up a mere 3.5 miles in my running totals. I'd like to blame the weights class that crippled me for 3 days, but I could have worked out Saturday or Sunday. I just didn't. I enjoyed the slothfulness of doing nothing way too much.

Erin over at Lose the Buddha is working out with a trainer, and I am so envious of her progress and her muscle building. (She's also getting married!) She's new to weight training and has generally not liked it, but now she's a convert. What impressed me most was this statement:

Here's the thing: losing weight made me thinner, and it uncovered a whole slew of body image issues I wasn't really prepared for. Lifting weights has shown me something new to try and love about my body, as opposed to hating or feeling self-conscious or apologetic for not taking up as much room anymore.

I feel like the woman in When Harry Met Sally after Sally's fake orgasm scene: "I want what she's having."

Guys, I am so bummed but we aren't going to go to Spain next year. Boohoo! (I know, I'm such a spoiled brat.) It was just getting too expensive with the Dollar in the toilet and flights going for upwards of $1200 a piece. And it's still a year away--who knows what misery the US $ will be going through in 2009. So, darn it, I spoke too soon (even though we did all have an "official" meeting and I was getting super excited over the whole trip) and it looks like we'll do something as a group next summer, but not in Europe.

And, poor Miss Sophie got strep throat, again. She definitely needs her tonsils out because they keep getting attacked. She's on zithromax now, and I hope her body isn't getting majorly screwed up with all the antibiotics she's been on this year. We meet with her doctor Thursday for her ear infection recheck and I'll be asking him about it then. Her ENT appointment isn't until June 9th. It can't get here soon enough.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

I want what she's having too. I'm working on it, sista. New program called p90x. I can barely raise my arms after today's workout. I hope to heck this does some good. I am up a couple more pounds than normal and it has me down.

So sorry about Spain. Hopefully you will find something really fun to do and maybe prices will go down.

Take care.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I *hate* the word 'fattie.' As if fat isn't even just an adjective but the actual noun of who you are. Or were, since you're certainly not fat now. I'm not chastising you, just saying that I wish that word would evaporate from our vocabularies.

And I'm with you on Europe. Had looked at going to Italy with my husband (when he had a conference there) last month, but with the prices and where our savings were, I just couldn't justify it.

Jill said...

Bummer about the non-trip to Spain! :( Just hire a boy named Pedro to serve you margaritas by the pool and it will be just like you were there, except not!

You are sooooo not fat, but I think you will love working out with weights - it makes you appreciate how your body works. I used to love weight training, but haven't done it in a loooong time. I would like to start again though. Gotta get my cardio going consistently first before I add ANOTHER thing on my to-do list!!

Hope Miss Sophie is feeling okay - poor little chickie!!

Marcy said...

I say this all the time but . . .I really really need to get with some weight training LOL. Maybe I wouldn't feel so lumpy :-/

Grumpy Chair said...

Sorry to read Sophie has strep throat! And sorry about the "belated" (cuz maybe once the US $ is stronger and economy better you will get to go) trip to Spain.

I am doing a little weight training (I took before photos to post after the first 12 weeks) and I have read that is the secret ingredient for increasing your metabolism.

Hope you get in some good runs this week.

P.O.M. said...

Poor Sophie. Hope she feels better soon.

I agree about the weight training. I wish I could dedicate more time to it. I think it really is the best way to actually change the shape of your body. I just have time to do minor stuff at home - like push ups, dips, etc.

Pokey said...

When you find it, I want some of what she's having too. I spent some of this morning researching Nancy's p90x deal, cause it sounds like something I need. I'm just always such a skeptic....oh yeah, and apparently a little lazy too.

My body needs some SERIOUS work...pounds lost, or no pounds just needs work.

goodbyetoallfat said...

Hi Laura. Your current 155 lb weight is less than HALF what I weigh (eeek! big reality check time for me).

I am right at the start of my weight loss journey, having been inspired by the success stories of other weight loss bloggers and have decided to use blogging as a tool to help keep me on track.

Hope to bump into lots more of you online!

Best wishes,

L.G. said...

Sorry about the trip; it would have been fun and it's still possible. You never know what will happen in the future.

But I'm pretty impressed with all that you do. And yes, I know the fattie feeling and I agree with Sally that we shouldn't do it. But we have an internal voice which is our evil twin, I convinced, and it tells us nasty things. The trick (and I haven't figured it out) is to avoid listening to it and reminding ourselves of our accomplishments. And you, sister, have MANY! Rock on!