Wednesday, May 21, 2008

153.8 - The right direction

I did a little happy dance when I saw my weight this morning. I am heading in the right direction again, at last. I would love love love to be at 145 by the time the DMB concert at the end of July gets here.

BUT, setting time-based weight loss goals is pretty much against my better judgment, because it sucks when you miss the mark and then you feel like a failure, even when you've eaten well and exercised and lost X number of pounds...and I'm against feeling like a failure. So it's not a goal, per se, but a vision of what the future could hold. If I get there, fine. If not, well, hopefully I'll still be in better shape than I've ever been in my life.

I got in a 3 mile run yesterday, and it was one of those "off" runs. I had had trouble getting my breath all day while at the office, and even with my inhaler, I still wasn't breathing right. Running without your lungs functioning correctly is a pain. Not literally, but it was still tough and it was everything I could do to finish 3 miles at an avg. pace of 10:44.

The bugs were still a-plenty at the park where I've been running, and I think it's because the grass is so high out there. Thankfully the park department has been mowing and maybe that will make the buggies move elsewhere. I wore my glasses and didn't have any eye issues, and thankfully none went up my nose or in my mouth. I'm all for extra protein in my diet, but not from the insect world.

Tonight's weight training isn't going to happen. I forgot that we have a client meeting out of town today, and I'll be in the car on my way back when the class happens at 4:30. My right hamstring is achy and something is wonky with the front of my shoulder. Not sure what I did yesterday but it feels like a tendon or something is out of whack.

Oh the joys of getting older.

So, who knows what's on tap for tonight, exercise wise. I'd love to run at night after the kids are in bed, if I've got any energy left. I haven't run under the stars in a while.

***American Idol Rant***
So, it's official--before I even watch tonight's Idol results I know it will be David A. They might as well have given him a crown and scepter last night; it was such a coronation. I was expecting this, but it still bites. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that David Cook at least gets a record deal.


P.O.M. said...

Yeah for the right direction. I agree that time-based goals are tricky, but it is a good motivation, too. Load up on the bug-free protein - ha ha.

Cindy154 said...

You and me are at the same weight and have the same goal. I don't run though. But contemplate it. This recent back episode has backed me off (no pun intended) since jarring the vertabrae (can't spell) was strongly frowned upon by my doc. Maybe I can do a low impact speed walk, and I love hills. Hooray for you. Let's keep those new numbers coming. I know we can get there.

Jill said...

You are so funny - "I'm against feeling like a failure" hey what a coincidence, me too!!

Time based weight loss goals are a sure fire way to sabotage myself, so I don't set them either.

Sorry you had a rough run, but yay for no bugs!!

Okay - Idol talk: Yeah, I pretty much think DA is going to win :(
You're right, the judges looooved him, and I don't really understand why - everything he sings sounds the same. Drives me crazy. But I"m sure DC will have an album out by next year and I will be first in line to buy it!! I got through twice to vote for DC, but my husband freaked a little when he saw how many times I tried to get through (15) EEK!! Oh well, DC needed me!! I had to give it my all!

RE: your comment on my latest post, yes the WW commercials drive me crazy! Who do they think they are kidding? Certainly not me and the other eleventybillion people on the planet! Oh well, that's just one of my pet peeves - had to get the word out, ya know?

Have a good day chickie!! =)

Marcy said...

"I'm all for extra protein in my diet, but not from the insect world."

ROFLMAO! Amen to that! Don't sweat it chica, we all have those "off" days. Seems like there are more of those than the good ones, sometimes hehe.

Jill said...

You got it sistah!! I"ll buy the first cup of java!!! =) There is email too...

Helen said...

I agree about not going for specific numbers when looking at time goals for weight loss...when I started my Drastic in February, I just said I wanted to lose as much as possible by the time we took our vacation in May (this Saturday!). By doing that, I was able to be happy with every pound and not look at the scale as not going as low as I wanted it to...and I'm really happy where it is right now...even though I'm not "done". :-)

About AI -- grrrrrrrrr, I'm with you. But I must admit that the little pipsqueak really did well last was the most personality I've seen from him all season (I still think he's BORING, but I'm not a teenybopper). David C's performances move me way more than Pipsqueak's...I absolutely LOATHE his "Imagine" (which is, by the way, my favorite song). I think David C just didn't really want it enough...and I also think he's a real ARTIST and probably will have a good Daughtry-like career because all the adults really like him. But David A will win and become the male Miley...and I will be happy not to have to watch his lip-licking obsequious face on my tv anymore. Not that I care about this at all... ;-)

Grumpy Chair said...

Yay to you and the scale moving downward!

Hope you get your run under the stars.

Pokey said...

Older??? We are young, young, YOUNG sista!!!

I want to be at 145 too. Heck....even 150 would make me do the happy dance. It's these last few, pesky pounds that suck!!

Kudos in moving in the right direction!

Heather said...

Im happy for you! glad the scale moved, and I hope you can get to that goal before the concert. I was leery to set my goal for my birthday because I know I will be disapointed if I dont make it, but its at least something to focus on and hope for.