Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sick kids, but didn't derail me

Yesterday I got a call from school at 9 am that Sophie had a headache and was feeling puny.  It wasn't a migraine--no vertigo, but she felt bad enough to go to the nurse and wanted to come home.  I picked her up, took her home, and went to work.  Mark took the day off yesterday so he was home to stay with her.

Then at 11:30 Mark calls me and says the school called the house & said Luke had a 102 fever and a sore throat.  Mark picked him up & brought him home.  I left work around 2 pm and Mark went in to the office for a few hours. 

Neither of the kids were horribly sick, but it was still a disruption to "normal," which I have been enjoying.  I didn't get to run or anything else yesterday afternoon.  I didn't feel up to it anyway.  The cough is affecting me more than I wish it would.

Today Sophie made it to school.  Luke and I stayed home; he feels okay on ibuprofen.  I think it's viral and (fingers crossed) not strep. He'll stay home again tomorrow since he still had a fever today at noon, but mom is coming down to stay with him so I can go to work tomorrow.

I could have spent the day eating my way through it.  I certainly have been having cravings, thanks to my Sunday excursion into junk food.  Instead this afternoon I cracked open my new yoga DVD and did 65 minutes of peaceful sweating.  It's a good DVD--not perfect.  There are no down dogs or other weight-bearing postures, but there are a lot of standing poses for strong legs and a lot of core work, and lots of breathing and stretching.  I could see myself doing it every morning before work and being energized by it.


Julie said...

WAY to go not eating through the upset to your routine and in fact getting in some new exercise. You deserve a pat on the back for that. I wondered if you eating on Sunday was bit of the `afters' Vickie talks about following the letter about your Dad's estate? No matter, good for you for maintaining your composure yesterday when it would have been so easy to carry on with the extra food :)

Solitary Life said...

What is the name of the DVD as I cannot do down ward dogs because of glaucoma. (I can't put my head below my knees as the movement causes eye pressure to go up)

Thank you

Vickie said...

I can see that the letter would have really upset you (even though you didn't do it and it is not your fault). It would be upsetting to me too.

I have struggled with youngest for a couple months - ear infection, shoulder PT, her regular IBS and now she has a bad cold. tough on her, tough on me too.