Friday, August 26, 2011

I am among the living (170.8)

I got cleaned up and made it to work today around noon, and it took just about everything I had to get here.  At least I'm vertical, though.  I feel better, just still very weak.

And I have had zero appetite, which explains the weight loss (and I know a lot of it is fluid loss).  I will be fine with the scale going back up a little when I start eating normally again.  I am happy I haven't thrown myself into Carbs as a means of "feeling better."

I admit, when I was picking up my Rx at Walgreens on Wednesday night I thought, "heck, I feel so bad I might as well get some Ben & Jerry's."  But I didn't.  I knew it would be a slippery slope.  I did have a couple of popsicles yesterday because it was about the only thing I could eat.  Mostly I've been eating yogurt and fruit and nuts; one night I had eggs with Ezekial toast.  I've had soy lattes in the morning, and soy milk with a T. of chocolate syrup last night for dinner.  Yes, that was dinner.  My throat hurt too bad to swallow much food, and nothing tastes good or sounds good.

We have a busy weekend.  Mark's brother and niece are both (unexpectedly) in town this weekend.  We learned of his brother's trip yesterday, and his niece Kate's today.  Jeff is staying with us, but will be gone all day Saturday at his best friend's son's wedding reception.  Kate we will see either tonight or Sunday morning.  Neither is a big "to do" for us.  Both of them are health nuts (Jeff is vegan) so I won't have any food issues around them.  I will have to grocery shop today for Jeff, but lucky for him I eat lots of fruits and veggies now, so he should be in good shape. 

Luke is having his first sleepover friend come over tonight.  Max has been in Luke's preschool since they were two years old. They are now both at the same elementary school.  Max is a triplet (he has two sisters).  Luke is over the moon excited.  I can't wait to see the joy on their little faces.  I hope it's infectious.

Saturday we have two, yes two, pool parties to go to.  One at my sister's house; we are taking Max along with us.  And then one at Mark's cousin's house.  It will be a very full day.  I hope I am up for it.

I hope any East coast readers are safe & sound.  That hurricane sounds like a nasty biotch.  (and doesn't it feel end of the world-ish?  First an earthquake, then a hurricane--in the same week. Crazy.  And there was an earthquake in Colorado this week, too.  Oy.)

At least the weather is nice here. I do love some breezy sunshine. Too bad I'm not up to running in it yet.


Vickie said...

first trying to imagine surviving triplets (baby and toddler age).

we have one set of triplets at school. We have LOTS of sets of twins.

glad you are feeling better.

ironic that you have family piling into town on the same weekend

hopefully you can bake some of the sickness out of you.

Cindy...154 said...

I hope you are better soon.