Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Breakfast makes a difference (175.0)

Breakfast used to be a time I ignored.  I knew how important it was.  Knew all about how it could shape the rest of the day, food and mood wise.  Regardless, I usually opted for something easy that was loaded with sugar and caffeine, like Starbucks or Red Bull and some kind of carb food.  There was little or no protein involved.

Since I started eating whole foods almost 6 weeks ago, breakfast has become a whole new experience.  Now, I spend 20-30 minutes on breakfast.  I may not always be hungry the second I wake up, but once I get the food started my stomach starts to growl.

Breakfast now includes a latte (125 cal) every morning (this is my only caffeine of the day).  1 cup 1% milk, 1 Tbsp Hershey's Lite syrup (yes, it's a bit of sugar, but it's 25 calories and I'm not ready to give it up yet), and 2 shots espresso.  I've been drinking it iced lately.

Then I will have one of two breakfasts:

2 (organic, free range) eggs, over easy (140 cal)
2 slices Ezekial sprouted grain bread--toasted (160 cal)
1/4 avocado, which I spread on the toast like butter (~100 cal)


1 serving eggbeaters (60 cals), with 1/4 c LF yogurt on the side (25 cals)
3/4 cup cooked steel cut oats (170 cals) with 1/2 cup frozen blueberries & raspberries (50 cals) and 1/8 cup walnuts (100 cals)

I measure everything.  The first breakfast is 525 calories; the second is 530.  I alternate them about every other day, or will have the 1st two days in a row, then the 2nd two days in a row. I love real eggs, but know that I can't eat two every single day.

When I first started eating this big of a breakfast, it seemed like waaayyy too much food. Now, I've adjusted.  I sometimes eat half my oats in the kitchen and the other half while I'm getting ready for work (yes, in the bathroom, I don't care.  I used to eat Ben & Jerry's in there, so there's not much difference except I don't eat my oats with the door locked). 

When I don't binge eat at night, I wake up hungry.  My body now expects this much food.  I don't get hungry again for 4 or 5 hours.  More importantly, I am not craving sugar or caffeine at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m., because my first meal is balanced and not sugar laden, and the rest of my meals are, too.

This morning I wasn't feeling well.  My throat is scratchy and I feel like I'm getting a cold and am worn down (which started yesterday but it was worse this morning).  For breakfast I only had a latte and egg beaters with yogurt. But that is an exception.  I was hungry and feeling puny at 10:30, so I had 1/4 c cashews. 

For lunch I had my breakfast oats w/berries & nuts, with 4 oz turkey slices and leftover zuch/squash/tomatoes from last night's dinner.  I will have 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 2 mandarin oranges this afternoon as a snack. 

Not sure yet what dinner will be--some kind of protein with veggies or a salad.  Then around 8:30-9 pm I will have yogurt (half greek, half LF) and strawberries & fresh pineapple, probably with 1/8 c. walnuts thrown in for crunch.  Kay Shepperd prescribes a fruit and dairy before bed, which is why I started having them together, and this last snack (for me) is helping to keep the late night food cravings away.

So that's the gist of my food day.  I usually have a sweet potato with cinnamon at lunch instead of oats, but otherwise it's just the protein and veggies that alternate day by day.  I sometimes have a starch at dinner, and sometimes I don't.  Just depends on how the rest of the day has been.

I will likely have to adjust the amount of food I eat as my weight goes down. But I'll take that as it comes.  Right now I'm happy to have stabilized my blood sugar every day.  I don't crave foods unless I'm having hormone issues or shoving down emotions. 

But it's not the FOOD that is causing cravings.  Not anymore.  It is such a relief.


Laura N said...

I wore a pair of pants today I havne't worn in months. Size 14 slacks from Dress Barn, and they are loose. Not clown-pants loose, but comfortable. Quite baggy in the waist & crotch area, because I am a pear and my waist gets smaller first.

God bless Sarah Blakely--I don't know what I'd do without Assets (generic Spanx). I can't wear pants or dresses without them, because my saddle bags are so unsightly and make my butt look deformed. I love the high-waisted Assets because I don't have to suffer a muffin top, too.

You know in the movie American Beauty when Kevin Spacey goes to his physically fit neighbors and says he wants their help with workouts? They ask him what his goals are. He says "I want to look good naked." Well, I just want to look good in slacks, without the aid of Assets. I long for the day when I can wear slacks with nothing but skin underneath.

Helen said...

I am being very conscious of eating as little processed as possible. I'm still basically on the Crack program, but I almost never eat bread or any other "white" carbs. I also don't eat as much red meat, no egg yolks and no cheese. It's making a difference. And I like veggies in my egg beaters in the morning better than turkey bacon -- who would have thought? ;-) I'm watching sodium too -- I had some chips the other night and the scale went up THREE frickin pounds! Oy (yes, I know they are had been a while...a long while! so I paid the price)

Munchberry said...

Very funny about eating in the bathroom and about Ben and Jerry's ~Laughs.. Thank you for that.

I like the fruit and yogurt at night for a snack. Lately I have been casting about at night looking for something to eat, but never settle on it because I do not want to eat just fruit because it throws off my blood sugar and I get hungry. Yogurt will do the trick I think.

I am with you on wanting nothing to come between me and my calvins. My god the layers get hot.

Vickie said...

My mind went to buns of steel immediately. Do you remember that oldie? (workout video)

my suggestions is to start collecting butt, hip, thigh exercises. magazines (yes, I rip the page out of magazine in waiting rooms), DVDs from library, recorded shows on DVR, whatever.

do them three times a week. if they are short, I would recommend 3 sets. remember not to swing it. yes, want to pause at the top of each move for an extra hold/squeeze. And then pause at the bottom of the move too.

I now think it is effective to do same workout two times in a row (like Tuesday and then again on Thursday) and then move on to the next one (Saturday and then following Tuesday for example)

YOu would be wise to add a bit of arms/chest shoulders to this routine too.

congrats on the pants.

double congrats on breakfast. the same way sleep sets up the next day for success, breakfast definitely is a positive start. Problems with food choices in the afternoon/evening are definitely directly related to breakfast.

Vickie said...

I wanted to address your latte.

In my opinion,
if it doesn't set you up to want another, and another, and another or
to want other nonfood things
you are a coffee person and this can satisfy you so it is your only coffee of the day,
then I say go for it.

I am not sure your goal should be to try to drop if it meets all of the criteria listed above and is a help to you.

I think it is outstanding you make it yourself - low expense and you know exactly what is in it.

Vickie said...

it is Friday,
where are you?

(I haven't had to say that in a very long time).