Monday, August 08, 2011

Class Reunion (175.2)

Weight this morning was after breakfast.  I was pretty happy with that.

Saturday night we went to Mark's 30th class reunion.  Below are a couple of pictures.  The other couple is Mark's best friend from HS, Karen & her husband Joe.  Karen found us our first house.  Her daughters have both babysat our kids.  She knows everyone and is one of the nicest people I know.  It's amazing how close Mark's classmates still are after 30 years.

I had a really good time.  This is the 4th reunion I've been to with him.  I know a lot of the local people, and talked with a couple of women I hadn't met before who live out of state. 

One was a very thin & fit woman from California.  She's lived in L.A. since she was 18.  Her family is still here; this is the first reunion she's been too.  She said her mom & family said she was anorexic; she replied to them that she's normal weight & fat content (she is "celebrity thin" & muscled, like Carla @ MizFit) and basically that they are all fat.  She said even the thin people here are fat.  I guess she's right. 

We had a long talk (she did most of the talking--definitely a monologue kind of person) about her life and yoga and food.  She lives a very privileged life; I have no idea what her husband does, but they have 3 kids all in private school and live on the west side of L.A.  Her son plays soccer with David Beckham's kids (David Beckham is, of course, on the sidelines, talking with the other parents...can you imagine?).  She takes yoga every day from a famous yoga instructor, who celebrities also take yoga from.  She's a vegetarian, almost a vegan, and she told me all about how we aren't meant to be meat eaters and how dairy is the devil, and said I should read "Skinny Bitch." 

She told me she was eating junk food and smoking and drinking 10 years ago.  She changed her lifestyle a little at a time.  Other than that, I don't know her history. Mark said in high school she was chubby and had blonde hair (she has long wavy brunette hair and is not only thin but very pretty).  He said he would never have recognized her without her name tag.

Of course, I felt the need to give a resume of my body history. In the 30 minutes or so we "talked," I managed to squeeze in that I stopped eating processed foods 6 weeks ago, that I've gained 30 pounds in the last year since my Dad got sick and died and am working to get them back off, that I'm a runner and have completed 5 half marathons, and that I, too, eat avocados at breakfast.

It was very weird, frankly, to listen to her talk about her lifestyle (I swear she said "L.A." at least 50 times).  On some levels I enjoyed talking to her--she was a nice person, even though she did monopolize every conversation she was in--but on other levels it made me feel inferior.  Like my little mid-west life and mid-west body weren't bright and shiny like her L.A. existence.

She also did talk about how awful things are there with immigration, taxes, medical costs, housing costs, public schools, politicians. It's not perfect, by any means.  I'd rather live where I do now than in L.A., because it's what I'm used to.  But it sure sounds pretty on the outside.


I have a cough that won't go away.  I have been taking mucinex DM, which thins the junk in my throat but makes me tired and grouchy.  My abs are sore, I've been coughing so much. 

Busy day today.  I am taking Sophie to get her hair trimmed this afternoon (It is below her waist now, and hasn't been cut since last Thanksgiving. She needs a good trim but wants to keep it long.), then the kids and I are going to their school to drop off supplies and visit classrooms.  School starts Wednesday.  My mom is keeping them at my house today and tomorrow.


Jill said...

Sounds like LA girl is trying to "rise above her raising". I know people like her and I've found that they are really so ashamed of who they are that they have to spout off about how great they are NOW to anyone who will listen. I have 2 of these people in my life (family) and I can see right through them every time. Don't be envious of her Laura, she's got issues just like everyone else.

YOU look great, btw. Love that red dress!! :)

Laura N said...

Thanks, Jill. I know you're right. It's easy for me to get caught up in the "outside" of a person. I should know better. Your assessment helps put things in perspective.

Cindy...154 said...

I like Jill's point about rising above her raising. We all have our stuff and she has hers, too. I understand about comparisons, though. I am feeling fluffy today and scared to weigh..

debby said...

You look beautiful, Laura. That red dress really suits you.

Shauna said...

That woman really needs to read your post about listening! ;)

I'm so with Jill on this one re envy and Issues. I think I'd rather stick to doing crappy yoga DVDs in my PJs, mwahahha!

You look BEAUTIFUL Laura, i thought so when i saw the pic on FB... and your skin is glowing, must be all those avocadoes! :)

Vickie said...

I kept thinking that she was probably speaking from point of embarrassment. She might always be like that, or you might have seen a side of her that is very rare, because she was back in uncomfortable territory or facing her past self or something.

Pics were great! loved the dress. Glad you had a good time.

jen said...

I love the photos. Congrats on your continued success with your new eating plan too.

I know lots of people like LA girl. In academia, lots of people from the coasts end up finding work in places they think are beneath them. There are plenty of cultural events, great restaurants, and wonderful people here in Toledo, and I am sure there are plenty of people in NYC and LA who sit on their couches every night eating takeout and watching TV.