Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sick (172.2)

I have strep throat. I started feeling bad Tuesday at work, then Tuesday night my throat started hurting. Yesterday I woke up with a horrible sore throat with white spots blooming on my tonsils. I knew it was strep.

It's not the worst case I've had, but I slept all day yesterday, went to the urgent care last night (they did a strep test--positive), and got amoxicilin. The doctor told me to take two doses last night, which I took about 4 hours apart.

Today I'm home again, have slept all morning and still feel pretty rotten. It takes a good 3-4 days before I get over strep.

Earlier this year I talked to an ENT office about getting my tonsils out. They don't take them out of adults unless you have 6 cases of strep in 12 months. At the time I'd only had 3, and two of those had been diagnosed as pharyngitis because the doc didn't do a strep test, but I was put on antibiotics and I know it was strep because my symptoms are always the same.

I'm not getting strep every two months. But I get it enough that it's disruptive and a pain. If I get it again this year, I may revisit the ENT.

I hate being sick. I was on a (healthy) roll. This really sucks.

And Sophie has missed school the past two days, too, because she has a headache. Not a migraine, not dizzy, but a bad headache that keeps her from concentrating. It was present all day and all night, and it's still here today. That has me slightly worried. I hope she's better by tomorrow, or I'm taking her to the doctor.
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Jill said...

I hope you and Sophie feel better soon! :)

Vickie said...

is this pattern of strep just the last year or so, or your whole life?

because if it is your whole life, just get them out (and my opinion is to get adnoids out whenever one gets tonsils out).

youngest appears to finally be on the mend. she has been on anti bio twice in the last month and a half. headaches, nose, throat, cough. her tonsils and adnoids are already out (age 2 or 3, and she was the reverse, adnoids were huge, had them take tonsils out while they were in there).

Laura N said...

I am again among the living. Only half day at work, but at least I'm clean and dressed and moving.

Vickie, that is a very good question. I have only started paying attention to how often I've gotten strep in the past couple of years. I don't remember this being a consistent issue in my life, but my memory is horrible (which is why I write everything down now). The last time I had it this year was in March. I think I had it at least twice, maybe three times, in 2010 (I don't have written records then, though, since I lost my harddrive and my spreadsheet). So, even though it feels like I get it constantly, it's been 5 months. I will keep tracking and if it gets worse, I will contact the ENT again.

Vickie said...

do you get anti bio each time?
do you remember which pharmacies? pharm can print a list for you with date, doc and prescription
I am not sure how far back each pharmacy computer goes. We use walgreens and I have these printed out on a yearly basis and keep them (for everyone in family). it is a good way of remembering.