Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First day of school & Dairy (175.0)

Luke is starting Kindergarten.  Sophie is in 4th grade (we just got 3 inches cut off her hair, & it is still really long.  It was below her waist, grazing her hips).  They were both excited and ready this morning. They rode the bus together, and we met them at school. Parents have to be there on the first day with Kindergartners.  Luke didn't cry when we left him in his class (Mark went, too). 

Everything went really well--I had prepped lunches the night before, which helped me not be so crazy and stressed.  I didn't get to eat my regular breakfast because I slept until 6 am (ugh, 5:30 is going to have to be my wake up time on mornings I leave for work after the kids get on the bus at 7:30).  I had a latte and a handful of cashews, so my mid morning snack is bigger than usual, and it's all good.

Random note: after my talk about dairy with California Girl at Saturday's class reunion, I am trying soy milk in my coffee.  I am using unsweetened original, and I like it a lot. I know too much soy is a bad thing, too, but this is the only soy I am getting in my diet.  I am striving for one serving of yogurt (Greek, 3/4 cup) a day, usually before bed with fruit and 1/8 c walnuts.  So we will see if less dairy makes a difference at all. 

She isn't the only person I've heard talk about the evils of dairy.  Mark's vegan family in Colorado (brother and nephew) are big opponents.  I researched online and there are arguments on both sides that sound valid.  I'm not eliminating it; I'm not taking milk away from my kids.  I have been buying organic milk for a while, so I figure I'm doing the best we can with dairy.  But I had been eating probably too much since I switched to whole foods--sometimes three servings a day.  This feels more balanced. 


Laura N said...

I should ALWAYS get my picture taken by someone standing above me. My face looks so much thinner in this picture, because I'm lower than the camera. Crazy.

Laura N said...

My daughter is a book worm. That's Harry Potter book 3 in her hand. She's about 20 pages away from being finished. She was a late reader, and didn't start reading fluently until January of 2nd grade year. It is such a joy to see her nose in a book.

Vickie said...

cute pics!