Friday, October 24, 2008

So, about the weekend

Tonight we are going to see John Prine in concert. Woohoo!

Okay, I have no idea who John Prine is. Mark is a fan of his, and I've heard, I think, one song. Something to do about a picture show. Anyway, it's a night out without children in a grown up setting. I will not complain about that. It's at 8 p.m., so hopefully we will have time for dinner out before hand. But who knows. Mark doesn't have time to talk with me during market hours in times like this. We'll figure it out around 5 or 6, I'm sure.

(Tangent: I am so sick of the words lever and de-lever. Sick sick sick of hearing it over and over and over again. Can you tell I watch CNBC all day?)

Then Saturday I'm getting my hair cut at 1:30. This is good and bad. Good, because I haven't had my hair cut in oh, about two months. Bad, because I was supposed to get it cut AND colored on Wednesday and she cancelled on me. I'd had that appointment for 6 weeks. And wanted to be pampered that day. And wanted a new hair color. Instead, I was disappointed and had to color it myself on Wednesday night. I have always colored my hair myself, and the last time I got my hair cut I'd decided to have her color it so she could make it darker & different. Her loss, my gain. It probably saved me $75. And my hair looks great (thank you L'loreal Colour Expert, color=biscotti).

And then Saturday night we have a grown up Halloween party. Mark is very picky about costumes--he's the creative one, I'd prefer to just go as myself. So even though I gave him some great ideas--Neo & Trinity from The Matrix (I have *always* wanted to be Trinity. She kicks ass), George & Jane Jetson, or Medieval Prince & Princess, he chose.....

Y'all don't really care what he's wearing, right? It's a boy viking costume, obviously.

I ordered the Large in this, because after the Wilma costume from last year (my first EVER feminine, "regular sized" Halloween costume out of a package) I knew they run small.

The Large is a little big! But it looks OK on me. I can't wear the leg things though because I'm only 5'5'' and apparently this costume was designed for women with legs like Julia Roberts. There is no leg exposure between the skirt and the boots on me. So I'm going to wear my brown boots I got from Dress Barn last hear, and maybe will cut the white stuff off the top of the costume boot covers and attach them to the insides of my boots. If I have the energy and time, that is.

And I need a wig. Gotta get that between now and tomorrow night. No sword for me, though. Mark's carrying the sword. Oh, and I won't have that cleavage going on! (Even though, y'all know my 34Ds could pull it off, hahaha.)

The kids will be at my mom's tonight and then she's bringing them back tomorrow so they can see us in our costumes, and she'll stay with them at our house Saturday night (my mom is a champ). Then Sunday we have Halloween at our church. The kids get to wear their costumes, hear the story about the origins of Halloween (our Christian Education director does an awesome job explaining the pagan and religious implications. I love that we don't eschew Halloween like so many other churches around here do), and then there's a little carnival and they hunt for candy in haystacks (candy hidden in bales of hay that have been scattered into haystacks). We might then go to our gym's Halloween party at 1 p.m. We'll see how the kids (and us) are holding up at that point.

On the food front--suckage! I totally caved & ate terribly last night, and then this morning Luke was up at 4:30 a.m. with a soaking wet diaper that had leaked, and I of course had to eat a bowl of grapenuts when I was still awake at 6 a.m. Didn't even bother weighing this morning. Just didn't want to face it.

I did run yesterday while Sophie had swim lessons. 2.5 miles, which isn't much but I'd taken 10 days off and was indoors, and I'll take it. I seriously cannot even do more than a mile on the treadmill anymore (which is what I did, then ran 15 laps on the track). And to think I once ran a 9 miler on the "dredmill." I'd rather run 90 laps around the indoor track now. I also did a pushup-challenge-esque pushup series, which was 7-5-5-5-7. And man I can feel it in my chest this morning.

I might run tonight. I don't know. I've still eaten poorly today (chocolate pie for lunch! OMG, I've lost it completely, haven't I?). And I just don't know if it's in me. Tomorrow, for really reals I'm going to the 9 a.m. weights class. I miss lifting weights so badly. Hopefully I'll remember that when it's time to get up tomorrow morning.

So that's the dealio around here. We're all healthy right now, which is a big deal and I'm thankful for it. I'm struggling with worry, though, which I hate because I know it's stealing my joy. When I hug my kids every morning and every night, it brings me some peace. They are such a gift.


Jodie said...

Fun! Sounds like you have a great weekend coming up. You're very lucky to have your Mom close by for babysitting. A concert and a grown up party in the same weekend!

I'm totally with you on the color. I always want to get my professionally done, but after I do it, I think a $7 box could have worked. (Which is what I'll be doing since Bry's watching our 401K dissappear.)

Good job on the running. Funny how the treadmill changes after you've been outside for so long.

Have a grand weekend!

Helen said...

My sister had a John Prine song ("Only Love") as the processional at her wedding and it's beautiful. I hope you have fun tonight!

I sympathize with the stress of the world right now...I have had to significantly reduce my tv-news watching (NO MORE CNBC!). Can you do that?

debbyweighsin said...

That is one cool costume. I'm glad you and your husband are going to have time to relax and kinda forget about 'the real world' for just a bit. Yay for saving money on having your hair done.Love what your church is doing for Halloween. Even though we grew up in what would be considered a very conservative church, my parents didn't deprive us kids of Halloween, or the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus. And I don't think our faith was weakened one bit by that.

MCM Mama said...

Sounds like you have a nice weekend coming up!

I think I'm going to have to brave the box soon. I usually get mine colored when I visit my parents as it "only" cost around $70. Here it costs around $200 and I just can't justify that. And I'm not going home again until Christmas...

MizFit said...

Hope JP was fun!

I love him....


LG said...

Oooh, you'll love John Prine! He has the funniest and yet the sweetest/poignant songs too. I hope you had a great time.

The costume sounds wonderful! You guys always do Halloween up right!

Hang in there!

Cindy...154 said...

My food kinda sucked but not so bad last week. Love the costume, want an update on that! I was a "nice Catholic school girl" Saturday night, but have to dress up for work on Fri and want to be something else. Can't spend any $$ though so I don't know....