Thursday, October 23, 2008

147.6 - Quickie

Had to post that weight today, before it goes up on me again.

I have little time to post right now, but I don't like going a long time without an update. Y'all might think I jumped off a roof because of the stock market continuing to crash, and I sure don't want you to worry if I'm gone too long.

You would worry, right?


So I have yet to do any kind of workout since the half marathon. I feel all squishy again and hate it that I've been so inactive for so long. TONIGHT while Sophie swims, I will run. And do some pushups.

Food is OK. Not perfect, but 90% good, which is alright by me for the time being.

Today I have the first grading period teacher's conference with Sophie's teacher. She got her report card yesterday and they always have conferences with every parent the first report card. She did great--only needing improvement on "listens attentively" and "organized & prepared." She gets both those issues from her dad. haha

We (Mark and I) have big weekend plans--without kids!--and I'll update you on those tomorrow. I'll check in with you all when I have some time.



Vickie said...

have fun with your secret plans!!!

MCM Mama said...

Can't wait to hear your secret plans! Glad you are hanging in there...

Helen said...

Hope you have a fun grown-up weekend! :-)

MizFit said...

fraught with jealousy (and excitement for you :)) about the PLANS SANS KIDDOS.