Tuesday, October 28, 2008

150.6 - Rambling Recap

I'm feeling really spacey today--can't seem to put any coherent thoughts together--so this is going to be just a recap of the past few days.

Friday--John Prine was excellent. I didn't know one of his songs, but it didn't matter. He's a storyteller, and the stories were poignant, funny, and entertaining. I've never been to a concert where I sat on my butt the whole time, which we did at this one, and I really liked it. I'm getting so old! We'd had a big dinner--yummy arctic char fish & creme brulee for dessert--and I had a margarita too, so sitting down for 3 hours was fine by me.

Saturday--I slept until 10:30. Total awesomeness. Then I read my book a while. When it was nearing time for my haircut at 1:30, I decided I'd run there instead of drive. I'd guessed it was about 4 miles there, so it would be a nice run, then a rest while she cut my hair, then a nice run back. Ended up being only 3.1 miles there, and 3.4 miles back (took the long way home). I cannot express how stinking cool it was to run with a destination and a purpose, and leave the car in the garage.

The Halloween party Saturday night was fun. Lots of great costumes. The best was a couple who were Sara Palin & Barack Obama. She was a dead ringer for Palin. He wore a full-head rubber mask of Obama. And here's the best part (forgive me if you don't think this is funny)--the idea was that they were a couple, and she carried a newborn black baby doll. Can you imagine?

Sunday--Halloween party at church for the kids, then lunch at Bob Evans. Then pass out on the couch in the afternoon while the kids watch TV. I was so fried Sunday afternoon. Too much entertaining drains me, and I was out of it completely.

Then Monday--I felt like I was hungover even though I'd had nothing to drink the night before. All day, I was just in a fog. I left work early and went home and cleaned (everything was a mess from my nonattentiveness over the weekend). Then got the kids and went home and lit the first fire of the season in the fireplace, and made grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Needless to say, my weight has gone up.

I feel like such a yo yo right now. My body's a temple during the week; a playground on the weekends. And it's not likely to get better any time soon. We are going into the holidays, afterall. I'm going to have to run and lift weights--a lot--to make sure I keep things under control.

Tonight is Sophie's swim team, and I'm hoping I can swing it so I can do the 4:30 weights class. I'd like to run, too, but there's just not enough time.

And man, autumn has come on with a vengence. It was 40 degrees this morning at 9:30. Brrrrrr.


Tish said...

I love your running to and from your hair appointment. Weren't you worried you get the "do" sweaty--I always have wet hair, at least the under layers, after a run.

Laura N said...

Good point, Tish. I actually only had her cut it--no styling. And I wore a hat there and back so it didn't matter what my hair looked like. I don't like the way she styles my hair, even though I've been going to her for over 10 years. My hair is fine & can't take any product other than mousse & spray, and she likes to put gel gunk in it. It's always oily & flat about 30 minutes after I leave the salon. So 90% of the time, I'm a cut only.

More info than you ever wanted to know about my hair! ;)

Tina said...

I just stumbled across your blog and noticed you went to a John Prine concert. I'm so jealous! I love his music, mostly because I've never heard anything like it before.
I actually found a post on him earlier this afternoon. Thought I'd share.

Cindy...154 said...

Your weekend sounded so nice. A good mix of many things. I am a yo yo right now too but still staying at a lower weight than before my cracking experience. My workouts are regular, though and that helps. I love the idea of running with a destination and leaving the car at home! I am thinking of doing that more with my bike. There is not much around me but there is the library, and a couple of places within a five mile radius.

Cindy...154 said...

Oh, and I think the Obama/Palin pair would be hilarious..great idea..

Vickie said...

in the 40's here too - but no snow yet.

MCM Mama said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I'd be exhausted too though.

I have the same weekday/weekend problem with the way I eat. I'm trying to make only one night a weekend be "free eating" and keep myself in check better the rest of the time. Not sure if that will actually happen though...

Anonymous said...

I love walking with a destination in mind too. Your weekend sounds so fun, and like something you really needed.

So, about being a yo-yo. I think that is just life. Ups and downs, perfect and not so perfect. And overall, I think you are 'handling' your life very well.

Vickie said...

if I did not know to roll to my right side and then slowly roll up - I would be having MAJOR dizzy problems this week. If I start to roll up and feel dizzy - I go right back down - wait a bit and then try again. If I were trying to sit straight up (after being totally down, flat on my back) the room would spin and reel (sp?).

Jill said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!! How did the sexy viking costume turn out?

That's awesome that you ran to your hair appt. Wish I could do that but considering it's 15 miles one way, I'd probably die if I tried. Oh well, that's what you get for living la vida rural.

Have a good day sistah!

Helen said...

Temple during the week, playground on the weekend...I struggle with that. But I do make sure I work out on the weekend...usually twice. :-)

Congrats on running to the hair appointment...I love using physical power to get around rather than gas!! ;-)