Friday, October 03, 2008

147.6 - New habits

I was pleased to see only a one pound gain after yesterday's carbing up. I've read of other people getting frustrated at losing the same pounds over and over on the carb down/carb up thing, but I'm still moving in a net-negative direction so I'm OK with the fluctuations. My excel spreadsheet that I track my weight in daily (which I started in March of 2007) really helps keep the numbers in perspective, too.

One of the best things this new way of eating has done for me is helped me kick the night eating habit. It's been 29 days of stopping my eating for the day with my last meal or planned snack, usually around 8 or 9 p.m. and sometimes as early as 6 or 7 p.m., depending on the day and the meal plan.

Of course the "21 days to form a habit" has come into play. My brain, my body, my way of life are now accustomed to not having to nosh on cookies & chips while watching TV. So my mind isn't filled with thoughts like "must eat chex mix NOW" like it used to be.

I also have changed my evening habits to help keep the night eating at bay, and those have stuck around too. I do chores most nights, at least for a little while, instead of just flopping down in the recliner to watch TV after the kids are asleep. When I want something to eat at 10 or 11 p.m. while I'm reading a book or watching TV or finishing a chore, I remind myself that breakfast is a mere 6 hours away and won't my Ezekial bread french toast taste so much better if I'm actually hungry? I used that self talk just last night. And I fall asleep in my bed instead of on the couch with the TV on, which keeps me out of the kitchen in the middle of the night (family room & kitchen are one big room at our house) and helps me be better rested, too.

It's not just the lower carbs/better carbs that is causing the weight loss. Night eating has been a demon of mine for years and years, and obviously not filling my body with food at 11 p.m. is a positive step for weight reduction.

It's also interesting to note that when you aren't eating junky carbs, you don't crave junky carbs. Yes, I still have cravings. I physically crave chocolate a couple times a month, and on carb up days I notice that I want more sugar after I've had some sugar. But on carb down and baseline days, I'm really balanced. When I notice I'm craving something, I look at the clock and realize, hey it's time for my protein snack. So I eat my planned for food, and I'm good.

Which brings me to another habit--planning. I have never been on a diet where I've had to plan so much for what I put in my mouth. Some people could see that as a disadvantage. Perhaps it is. But I would say that anything that has me eating real, whole foods, and not going to a fast food restaurant for a "healthy" salad, is a very good thing. I have a limited menu and eat the same things again and again, but it's OK right now. I like those things. And it makes the planning and preparing easier.

I've not been perfect the past 29 days on this plan. I've had a few slip ups, but I got right back on track and it wasn't even that hard to pick it up again.

Sunday begins week 5, which is the "accelerated fat loss" cycle. I can't wait to see what happens next.

If anyone is wondering, as Jenn mentioned in the comments of my last post, I will carb up for 2 days before I run the half marathon on October 12th. I want to lose weight, but I want to finish this run strong & healthy and I know my muscles need every drop of glycogen they can get.

And yes, I'm happy they passed the bail out package. Did I expect the market to rally today? Yes and no. I'm not at all surprised we are where we are right now, because things didn't get all better just because the President signed a new bill into law. But. At least the banks will likely stop failing and people will be able to get school loans and car loans and businesses will be able to make payroll. We aren't anywhere close to being out of the woods on this economic crisis, and it's going to be a rough couple 2 or 3 years, regardless. And if you have another opinion on the whole bail out thing--I'm probably not the best person to share it with. =)


Helen said...

Fluctuations, sugar, nighttime eating AND the bailout, I'm right there with you on all of these (although less optimistic about the bailout than weight loss at the moment!)!!!

I only weigh once a week so I don't get discouraged with the daily ups and downs. When I lost The Big Weight back in the day, I weighed every other day because then it helped motivate me more: up made me feel more determined, down made me feel like I was making progress. I feel differently this time around and if I'm up after a WEEK, I can't talk myself out of that being not a good thing! ;-)

I have noticed for a few years that sugar makes me want more sugar. This includes fruit. I eat VERY little sweets and that is good for me. I crave chips more than sweets, but a physical craving? Those are mostly for protein -- I love Trader Joes jerkies.

Nighttime eating is my bane too..maybe on the Crack diet I'll be better. The recipes in the book that I skimmed last night look YUMMY. DB might even do it with me!

Finally, we're headed to the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County next week...I haven't been in probably 20 years and I can't wait. Although some of my fondest memories there are roasted corn on the cob (not too bad) and crullers (horrible). ;-)

MCM Mama said...

I'm the same way with sugar and simple carbs. Once I start eating them, I want to eat them ALL.DAY.LONG. I let myself eat more carbs yesterday, knowing I had a 20 mile run today and it got a bit out of control. I'm trying to convince myself to just step away from the scale until after the marathon, but so far no luck with that. :o)

Keep up the good work!

COTY said...

From a fellow sugar addict here. It is so hard to stop. I Read through your blog its amazing. You should be very proud of yourself. You look great.

Jilligan said...

I keep thinking I will have chocolate on my D day but then when it gets here I never do eat any. Maybe tomorrow. You sound just like JoJo with the pumpkin pie. I think she is planning her cheat day around a DQ pumpkin pie blizzard.

Vickie said...

solving/curing (how ever you want to think about it) the night time eating thing is HUGE (I think) actually solving eating so you are only eating at/planned/meal time is HUGE. That was one of the hardest parts for me. It did become automatic for me after a while - but it was a long while. I started with 5-6 very small meals - so any time I thought about food - it was exactly as you say - I didn't have to look at the big picture - I could literally look at the clock and say - my next food/meal is in one hour - I can wait one hour - or ten minutes or two hours or whatever it was.

It was breaking or maturing up or how every you want to think of it - the 'I WANNAS' and I don't know if this was chemical or habit or maturing or what.

It is SO MUCH like spending $$$ - whipping out the credit card on impulse felt very much the same.

Vickie said...

I still am not bending backwards over stability ball.

but I was in inversions in yoga last Tuesday -
shoulder stand,
partial handstand (torso inverted but legs on chair instead of all the way up)
with NO trouble.

I also can do standing (very slight) backbend with no problems.

so interesting that upside down is not an issue - but bending all the way backwards IS.

Vickie said...

And you (and Cindy) made me a remember writing (long ago on Amazon) about how the scale goes down, quivers around/up/down and then settles into the new weight and it becomes the new norm.

Anonymous said...

I really related to a couple of things you said that I hadn't thought about too much. I do a few chores in the evening too which delays my sitting down, which signals that I need my snack. I still spend quite a bit of time planning/preparing my food for the day--it has gotten REALLY a lot easier and quicker over time. But it really helps me be happy with my food choices. And I'm happy they signed the bail-out package for you (tee hee) I loved this sentence "And if you have another opinion on the whole bail out thing--I'm probably not the best person to share it with. =)" Really Laura, all kidding aside, I am happy for you. You are the only 'financial' person I know.

Carly said...

Nice work on developing a new habit. I need to practice the no eating at night. That is seriously what gets me into trouble.

Nice stats!