Friday, October 10, 2008

146.2 - A new low

And I'm not talking about the stock market (although it's obviously there, too, but that's nothing to be happy about).

I was so shocked to see that weight this morning that I got on and off the scale not my usual 3, but 6 times. How does a body lose 2.6 pounds in one day? It's as big a mystery as when the Dow is going to stop falling.

Needless to say, my food yesterday was spot on target--no cheating, no night eating, lots of good protein and veggies--and I ran 3 miles at the gym while Sophie had swim team.

And this morning I'm comfortable in my size 6 Old Navy jeans. I could wear the size 6s anytime I got to around 152, but they were a little snug. Today they are comfy, even a little loose around the waist line. Crazy stuff!

I've got two days of rest today and tomorrow, and two days of filling my glycogen stores back up (aka carbo loading) in anticipation of my race on Sunday.

I'd hoped to be at 145 by now, but 146.2 is close enough for me. I think it's going to be a good run. An early run--7 a.m. start!--but a good one.

I'll be sure to pop in on Monday at the latest to post a report.

And the markets? I told Lori I'm now at the point where things are so ridiculously scary, I can pretty much just sit around and laugh maniacally. I watch CNBC on my PC while I work, so it's in my face constantly. But at this point I'm just metaphorically putting my hands over my ears and singing "LALALALA" until things turn around. They have to soon, or we will be at ZERO in about 12 days at the pace we are headed downward. Men who are smarter than me are saying we are near a bottom, but who the heck knows. Nobody does. So LALALALA and at least the markets can't go lower over the weekend.


ws said...

I've been playing that mathematical game - big surprise, huh - that in X business days we will be "here." Nobody knows and even if they did it is totally out of their control. But, still, it is hard to not feel something about the situation.

Congrats on the new low and good luck on Sunday.

LG said...

Whee! That's an awesome weight.

One of my bosses' colleague came in and said, "It's Friday and we still have jobs!" which was very cheerful to hear. She did say that at least this is the great leveler -- and everyone is getting hit. Small consolation, I know.

I'm going to see if I can pick out a refrigerator box for my second home on the lake. LOL

Keep up the good work. You're awesome, you know!

Jodie said...

WOW! Awesome job on the weight and the great fitting jeans. Gotta love getting in 6s, with room to spare.

Carb up, girl. Good luck this weekend, we'll be thinking about you.

MCM Mama said...

Good job on the weight loss, good luck on the half, and I'm right there with you signing LA LA LA!

Heather said...

that is so fantastic! congrats on such a great loss, and wearing those jeans comfortably!