Friday, October 31, 2008

149.6 - Happy Halloween

Well the bad news is, Luke has a sinus infection and threw up once last night. The good news is, we live in modern times and he has an antibiotic (I thank God every time one of the kids is sick that we live in the 21st century...can you imagine how horrible life was before antibiotics?). And he slept through the night and has no fever this morning. Looks like we'll get to take him trick or treating after all.

And, more good news--I got to go to yoga last night!

I took Sophie to swim lessons while mom watched Luke, and I noticed there was a yoga class at 4:30. Since I'm disliking the treadmill more and more, I was dreading a run indoors. When I noticed the "Yoga Flow" class on the October schedule, I was thrilled. Just what I needed. Some mindful, in-the-moment exercise.

The instructor was wonderful. I felt relaxed during and after. Really worked my upper body, especially my upper back and shoulders.

After I got Sophie out of the pool and dressed, we raced home and I dropped her off with Mom and picked Luke up for his 6 p.m. appointment with the doctor. An hour and half later, we were home with an antibiotic, Sophie had had her bath and was working on her homework, and I wasn't completely insane because I'd had that magic hour for myself.

So today, I'm home with Luke for the morning until Mom gets here (she works half days on Fridays), and then we are going to see Sophie in her school Halloween play, and then I have lunch with a friend, and then it's Trick or Treat, and then we will go over to our friends' house for soup & chili.

Tomorrow Sophie has swim team again at 9 a.m. and I plan to take the Group Power class at the same time. Then we have our church friends' Halloween party, which I am SO looking forward to (because there will be massive amounts of margaritas consumed, by me).

I have no idea what we are wearing yet. It's a "beg, borrow, and steal" party. Tonight we'll each put 3 items on sheets of paper, then put them in a hat, and we each draw out 3 slips of paper. Whatever items we draw, we have to incorporate into our costume. And we can't buy anything--we have to beg or borrow (I'm assuming there will be no stealing involved) whatever we don't have. Can I just tell you I'm completely stressed over this? Not so much for me--I could care less if I meet the qualifications of the costume. I am hoping Mark doesn't care that much and doesn't end up spending all day trying to figure out a costume. Anyone who spends 3 hours putting on a Viking beard is likely to make a big deal over this thing. We shall see.

I really cannot believe it is November tomorrow. Especially since it's going to be 70 degrees today, which is awesome. I love being able to trick or treat without coats. The kids should have a blast.

Hope you and yours enjoy the weekend.


Vickie said...

I had a child home SICK today. Very sore throat!!! Can't remember the last time I had a sick kid. She came home from school yesterday feeling rotten and slept all evening. Very glad it is a Friday - because she should be fine by Monday.

Jill said...

Drink one(or six) for me sistah!!!

Have a great weekend!! =)

MCM Mama said...

Happy Halloween! Glad the abx are solving Luke's problem.

Drink a few for me. I'm nursing a cold and will likely not drink this weekend. :o(

Cindy...154 said...

I, too, think about how hard it must have been and how many children used to die from illnesses that we deal with easily today. I would not be alive without anti biotics. I almost died when I was six of pnuemonia. Hope you had fun this weekend. You and me are exactly the same weight. I think that's cool.

Vickie said...

To answer your question, I am actually making a christmas list this year and put Barbara's maintenance book on it.

(normally I don't make a list and beg my family not to even try. . this is because my hubby and my mom are both bad present buyers - but now my kids are old enough and they are actually good present buyers . . . so I am giving it another try)

Vickie said...

my mother in law was one of THE first to recieve anti biotics in the country. she had a massive cut on her arm that got infected (scar is awful and huge) she was in the chicago area and her doctor had connections and they saved her life.