Monday, October 06, 2008

148.4 - Five and Ten

For a diet and running blog, there's not been much running going on lately. And you sure wouldn't know I had a half marathon on the calendar in October by my recent mileage.

But Friday and Sunday I finally got in some decent runs.

Friday was, I dare say, one of the best runs I've ever had. It wasn't just the speed--even though the speed is definitely a major plus. It was the whole experience. Cooler temps, a breeze, mentally I was totally into the run, and the time just flew by. Even in running, time flies when you're having fun.

The splits:
5.01 miles in 50:00, avg pace 9:59
mile 1 - 10:21
mile 2 - 9:55
mile 3 - 9:56
mile 4 - 9:55
mile 5 - 9:50
the last 4 seconds - 7:36 :)

Sunday afternoon I ran a I have to get this darn run done run. And the splits tell the story on this one, too. I started the run at 3 p.m. with a temp around 80 and a very strong sun. I sought out shade to run in, but obviously there were long stretches in the sunshine. Also, I ran 2 significant hills, in mile 3 and mile 4. At mile 6 I was about to call it quits. I went through the whole mental dialog that runners go through (I guess other runners do it only me?).

Why are you doing this? You are so tired, just go home. No, I can't quit now. I'm over half way done! But you're hot and tired and only a mile from home. 7 miles is good enough. You'll still be able to run the half next week if you stop now. NO! I'm not quitting. What kind of loser would I be if I quit because I'm hot and tired? So shut up and get moving.

I should note here that my food intake before my run was about half healthy, half crappy. Saturday night I had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies while watching a movie with DH at home, and Sunday after lunch I had some chocolate chip cookie dough straight out of the container (Sophie's school fundraiser cookie dough came in last week. I avoided it until the weekend, and then it kept calling my name over and over again). I have no doubt that the food in my body wasn't good enough for 10 miles, and it's a good lesson to make sure I carb up this coming weekend with healthy carbs so I can have a healthy run on Sunday.

The splits:
10 miles in 1:54:38, avg pace 11:28
mile 1 - 11:07
mile 2 - 9:47
mile 3 - 11:01
mile 4 - 10:52
mile 5 - 14:19 (walked & took a Gu)
mile 6 - 11:29
mile 7 - 11:25
mile 8 - 11:33
mile 9 - 12:08
mile 10 - 10:56
the last 3 seconds - 7:55

I'm a little sore today, primarily in my quads & hips. Mostly I'm just relieved I got the run finished. I think as long as I'm well fueled, hydrated, and rested, and if the weather is cool and not rainy, I should kick some serious ass on Sunday. The five miler Friday gave me a real confidence boost in my ability to run fast through a bit of distance. In a race environment I think I can pour it on and get a decent finishing time. My goal is to finish in 2:20. My super secret goal (which of course I'll share with you guys) is to finish in 2:15.

Back to crackalacking today. My carb up meals this weekend weren't planned. They were "oh it's there, why the hell not eat it." And Sunday afternoon after I ran 10 miles, I was pretty hungry and felt "entitled" to eat a hamburger and a little baked corn casserole and a brownie and a no-bake cookie, at our church's annual fall picnic. I got back from my run, showered and changed, and went to church with the family within 30 minutes of walking in the door. I was exhausted and wanted to lie down, but instead I stood up for another hour and a half and talked & watched my kids play.

Oh! I forgot to tell you that I got a Champion running skirt at Target on clearance for $4.98, and I love it. Love it! I still wear my Shorties under it because the boy shorts aren't long enough to cover my chub rub and I am emphatically anti-chafe. But the skirt is awesome. I don't have to pull my shorts down from creeping up between my thighs. Now I want a better skirt--this one is OK, but it does pooch out over my tail bone a little because my hips are too wide I guess, I don't know--and I don't want to run in shorts any more. I'm going to run the half in a skirt. Whooda thunk it?


Jill said...

"emphatically anti-chafe"- hey you gotta stand for something, right?!

I still envy you your running. I want to be a runner too. I may have to break out the ole' C25K plan again and give it another go. I get inspired every time I read your blog!

I puffy heart Target. I just wish the closest one wasn't 30 miles away! =(

LG said...

What a runner! And a do-bee! You kept on doing and going!

You're so awesome and you did great even when faced with serious tempting things at the fall picnic. You picked and chose which is probably not what you are used to doing. So brava!

Cindy...154 said...

I had no idea there were such things as running skirts! Your blog is very educational for me. And way to go on the running on Saturday and Sunday. Wow!! I know what you mean about the unplanned carbing up with the junky carbs. Sometimes you just gotta have it or so it seems, it is just too tempting.. I had that going on with the birthday last week. We sort of blew through the cake I baked and just when I thought it was all over - she comes home with a cake her friend baked her. I did much better with the second cake, making it non existent most of the time even though it glared hugely at me from the fridge every time I opened it. But this weekend was good and absent temptations. Your running is amazing!!

Jilligan said...

I wanted a running skirt from Target when I saw them on clearance. JoJo warned me the shorts might not be long enough underneath. I wasn't brave enough to get one though. You should leave her a comment on her page and ask her about a good one. She orders them from somewhere. Good job on the run.

Jodie said...

Oh man! I got two of the skirts on Friday. And yeah, the undies are horrible. I used it to work in the yard, there's no way I could run in it. I have several from skirt sports dot com - they are THE best. They're pricey, so you have to keep an eye out for a sale or find one on clearance.

Are you ready for Sunday? Getting nervous? Excited? I'll be thinking about you all week. I love that pre-race feeling even it does make me sick to my stomach. You've done a great job on training and you'll do great!

Marcy said...

Ooooohhh I know it! Target has all the summer stuff on sale! I love it! I picked up a couple of their duo dry shirts for $3. Can't beat it, right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Laura, You continue to inspire. I can hardly wait to hear how the half marathon goes. I really wish I lived close so I could come watch and cheer you on!

Crackalacking? Do you guys have a secret language?

moni said...

Great job! It's been great watching how much you have improved on your run times. You're doing a fantastic job. Keep it up girl!