Thursday, July 31, 2008

151.0 - To the rescue

As usual, you guys come to the rescue when I'm feeling like utter doo-doo. Thank you all for your advice, encouragement, and commiseration.

Last night was miraculous. I took Vickie's wise, insightful advice, and put on some white noise (sound machine--ocean waves setting) while reading blogs. I read until the battery on my laptop ran out and put my PC into hibernation mode. By then, I was ready to hibernate myself.

I had a cup of hot chocolate for my evening snack, and that was it.

It felt so good to go to sleep with only the sound of a pretend ocean in the background, with a warm but mostly empty belly, and the knowledge that I hadn't completely self destructed.

And I'd had a fantastic weights class Wednesday night, too. Felt strong and sure, and when we worked our backs I used 3 medium plates (2.5 Kg. each) on either side of the bar, when I usually use 2 mediums and maybe 1 small (1 Kg.) on each side. I was doing overhead presses with power and feeling like a rockstar.

Running didn't get done today, unfortunately, but it was for a good cause. Today was my husband's 46th birthday and we treated him like a king. I couldn't very well go for a run when we had dinner plans at 5:00 at his favorite restaurant. I could have gone this morning, I suppose, but that would have required (a) foresight and planning and (b) the ability to wake up before 6:30 a.m., neither of which I possessed today.

And yes, I had birthday cake. And ice cream. And they were damn good, too. No regret here.

But it will all be leaving my house when we go to our friends' house tomorrow night for our semi-regular Friday Night Group. I don't regret one night's indulgence on a special occasion, but I know my limits. And chocolate cake and vanilla bean ice cream are, as you likely already know, my kryptonite.

I just gotta make it through tonight without any more.

Fake ocean waves, here I come.


debbyweighsin said...

Good for you, Laura!

Hey, with 'doing overhead presses with power and feeling like a rockstar', and 'my kryptonite,' sounds like you're ready to join Jill's J Team--haha!

Have a great weekend!

Carly said...

Nice jobs on the weights class!

I have the same problem with night time snacking. I think i need to try the ocean sounds as well. great idea.

Shauna said...

Snap on the evening hot chocolate, m'dear! I've been munching way too much lately so tried the hot chocolate thing last night and it really helped.

Nice going on the weights class, no wonder yer looking so buff and foxy :)

Jill said...

Good job Laura!! I knew you could kick this in the tail!!

I'm writing your name on your diploma...


Grumpy Chair said...

I think you are doing fantastic!!

The weight classes sound so amazing and reading about how they make you feel (I mean, who doesn't want to feel like a rock star!) is pushing me toward the two 8 pound dumbbells I brought with me.

Great advice from everyone on your previous post. I ***Heart*** this blog community so much.

Vickie said...

My hubby's mother (the one with the cancer) is now having a cup of hot chocolate every day with breakfast.

She is someone that has always considered herself over weight. She is still trying to eat (her version of) healthy and watch (mostly) what she eats.

And I think this cocoa idea is lovely for her - good start to her day. My guess is that she is more mindful all day because of it.

I think that Helen has a small calorie popsicle (sp?) nearly every night- and then is done for the day.

My friend Diane (who lost her husband suddenly and got my whole exercise thing started) has a fudgesicle (sp?) every night to mark the end of her day - IF she has had a good, healthy eating day.

Your writing about your ocean sounds has such a nice calm feeling to it - I can picture you perfectly - sort of mellowing down from your day.

glad that you found an easy solution that works.

And I think that is the KEY for so many things - for all of us - what is going on - what makes sense and is doable - what is going to HELP in the long run.

Lynn wrote this in my comments earlier in the week: "I have struggled with self discipline for years. A good many people would see me as very self disciplined. I'm not. Driven and perfectionistic yes, disciplined no. I have a new definition for discipline. It is "doing something now you will be happy with later." This definition is kinder than the one programmed into me."

I loved that.

Marcy said...

Dang girl look at you with those weights ;-)

Have a great weekend, chica!!