Monday, July 14, 2008

152.8 - A fit woman

After Friday's post, I think it's time for some uplifting words around here. Which, actually, can be found in the comments to Friday's post. Because you guys are simply the absolute best. Thank you all for your encouragement & support.

So, the quote below was on the inside front cover of the Title Nine catalog which arrived Saturday in the mail. In addition to their cute clothes, I love that this company uses real women for their models. The women in the catalog have fit bodies, but they aren't perfect or rail thin like typical models. And this quote spoke to me so much (I got tears in my eyes when I read it), I wanted to share it with you all.

"A fit woman is fit for everything.

The fitness of our body fuels the confidence in our soul and the fire in our belly. We are fit to toss our children in the air or throw caution to the wind. We are fit to stand on the sidelines cheering and we are fit to lace up our cleats and be cheered on. We are fit for the board room because we know our way around a locker room. We are fit to run families and we are fit to run businesses.

We are fit to run.

We are fit to win.

We are fit for everything. "

--Missy Park, Founder of Title Nine

Amen, sister. Amen.


Jill said...

Wow. I'm printing that off and hanging it up. Love that.

That's what we all really want to be isn't it? Fit. I dont' think any of us want to be super models, we just want to be healthy and fit,and ABLE to live our lives the way we want.

That's great - very inspiring.
Thanks. =)

Running Knitter said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing that.

Carly said...

That is a great saying. Thanks for posting it and I am going to tuck it away and refer back to it.

I read your post below and I can totally relate. I am exactly the same way.

Pokey said...

This is awesome Laura!!

I need your email email me when you get a chance (email on my blog).


Cindy154 said...

I am catching up. Just so you know, I fed my kids McD's yesterday. They watch TV and are constantly on the internet. My daughter hates exercise. She told me she is opposed to it just yesterday. I think you are awesome. And I love this post. I liked the previous one, too. thanks!!!