Tuesday, July 22, 2008

152.2 - Ramble ramble ramble

It's the end of a pretty crazy day and I have little to write about that's significant, so I'll just chit chat a while, umkay?

So yesterday I took Sophie to swim class at 5:30 and it was 97 degrees outside. I'd had a crap of a day, and the last thing I felt like doing was working out. I deposited Luke in Kids Club, helped Sophie get ready and out to the pool, and sat my behind down in the gym's lounge area. I was there maybe five minutes, just watching people play tennis, when a friend came up and said she had to get off the treadmill after 10 minutes because the fitness area was too hot and humid. It's one of the few times I've felt like I made the right decision when skipping a workout.

Then today was another crap of a day, but the temps came down significantly thanks to a little storm last night so I didn't have the heat to blame for missing a date with Tready. And I didn't. I went. It was a quickie but I only needed to get in 3 miles to stay on track with my first week of half marathon training (yesterday is gonna have to be my rest day now). DH called my cell just after I'd done 1 mile, and he and I talked about 7 minutes while I walked a half a mile. I lost some precious time--I had just enough to run 3 miles before picking up kids, then was pushing it after my call with the hubs--and I figured I'd just run 2.5ish and that would be that. But I got to 2.69 miles at 5:05 p.m. (I have to leave the gym no later than 5:10 or I'm late for Luke) and said, screw it. I'm running .31 miles at 9.0 mph and getting in my 3 miles. And that's what I did. It was hard, but totally worth the mental boost of finishing what I started.

Food's been OK the past two days. Not perfect, but decent and within reason. I've gotten back to bringing my lunch to work, which makes a big difference in my weight and in my entire day, basically. I am all about making and freezing meals, and even do that for the kids' dinner. Cook the meat, freeze the meat, the meat is there forever (well, almost). Supplement with veggies and fruit. Viola! Healthy, satisfying, weight-loss-i-fy-ing.

And, I totally lucked out tonight at Target. They had Green & Black's chocolate on sale--2 for $5. I have been known to pay $4 for one bar at the grocery store when truly desperate, so this is a major bonus. You all do know about Green & Black's, right? I heard about it from Diet Girl, and she's pretty much pimped that product out to the entire world, haha. I don't think they've given her any free product, though, which is a real shame. Anyway, it is the best chocolate I have ever tasted, and 6 squares every other day or so gets me my chocolate fix. It's expensive, but I make it last and last and last, and I don't feel the least bit guilty about it. I get the milk chocolate because dark chocolate gives me a migraine (I know, so very unfair), and it's fab.

Now, of course, I want some chocolate. But it's time for bed so I think I'll just have a mug of warm milk and call it a night.


Shauna said...

What a bargain! I truly admire your control for stopping at 6 squares :)

And well done on pushing on to the 3 miles, woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura, good to hear from you, and I liked your ramble. Funny thing is, I haven't posted for a few days because I have no big idea or lofty information to share, so I had just about decided that today I was going to post a ramble of sorts too. Funny how a lot of us seem to run along the same lines.

I can't believe I don't know about Green and Black's chocolate. I am still a chocolate fanatic and have just a little bit almost every day. I'm off in search of good chocolate!

L.G. said...

Green & Black...hmmm. I'll have to look at that when I'm back at Target.

Good job on pushing through to exercise, even if the temps did drop a little bit.


MCM Mama said...

Good job on the run!

Nice to "hear" from you. Glad your weather cooled off. I think tonight's rain may do that here as well.