Wednesday, July 23, 2008

151.6 - Where has the time gone

I'm sitting down at night again to write this, and it seriously feels like I was just here. Like 24 hours barely even happened. That's how crazy life is now. Do you ever feel like that?

It was a good day, food and exercise wise. I took my weights class tonight--no running before or after--and it kicked my butt. The Group Power program has new music and routines every season, and we got the Summer '08 release tonight. It was tough. Good, though. I feel like I'm getting a great workout when the routines change up so often. I hadn't done weights since last Wednesday and it was amazing what an extra day off did to me. I did not feel as strong as I normally do. I could feel it as we warmed up, that I needed to not go too heavy with the weights. I know my limitations and don't push it when I'm feeling weak.

I feel like the summer is flying by. School starts in 2 weeks and 2 days. We go to see Dave Matthews in Indy this Friday (it was April when Mark bought me tickets, and it seemed like it would be forever until the concert arrived). Mark's birthday is next Thursday, and the day after is August 1st. Should we just get out the Christmas decorations now?

I wonder how older people handle it, looking back on 80 years and scratching their heads, trying to figure out how the hell they lived through 365 days, 80 times, and yet having no idea how the years came and went so quickly.

I realized today that I am practically middle aged. I mean, if I live to be 77, I'm middle aged now--there's no "practically" about it. I'd like to think I've got at least 80 years in me so I'm reserving the right to wait to call myself middle aged until I turn 40. But, as I've whined about before, that's not far off. I'm lucky that we waited so late to have kids, because I think the young 'uns are keeping me young. And I'm so fortunate to have gotten to be the healthiest I've ever been in my life, at this late in the game. Truly, I think I will run a marathon the year I turn 40, just to prove that I freaking can.

But this time flying by thing still leaves me shocked. My daughter is starting first grade in a couple weeks; she can swim free style, back stroke, and has the beginnings of the butterfly. My son is talking in complex, full conversations and is a climbing fool (he also loves Nascar, although he must have gotten that from my long-ago-passed-away grandfather, because none of us is into cars). My husband will be 46 this year. We'll have lived in our house for 10 years come January.

Like sands through the hour glass..... Ah, if only I could get me some waves to go with that sand, and set up on the beach with a margarita. Now that's the way to slow time the heck down.


Anonymous said...

Yah, Laura, I'm one of those old people scratching my head--haha! But really I have always had a deep sense of how quickly time passes. And even though I constantly refer to my age (to remind MYSELF how old I am,) i mostly think of myself as being somewhere in my 20's or 30's. Weird, huh?

So the other thing I do now is to think a lot about heaven. Even if it is just my imagination, I like to think about everything I'll have time to do, because really, there's just not enough time in this life.

Jill said...

Maybe it's because we are the same age, but I have been having these exact same thoughts. Remember how when we were little and the summer just seemed to go on forever? Now it feels like you blink once in June and suddenly it's Halloween. I don't want to be 80 years old and realize that I let it all slip by without appreciating every moment of it.
*sigh* When you find those waves to go with that sand, save a 'rita for me will ya? =)

Helen said...

This really hits home for me today...I have a lot of those "where did the day go?" days and I wish I didn't...

Cindy154 said...

I am right there with you on the time flying by. We go one vacation the 1st of August and then school starts right after we return. I turn 50 on the 6th. So I am middled aged only if I live to be 100. AND AARP sent me a card. I want to whip the damn thing out at a restaurant and get a discount. I want to order off the senior menu..hee hee.

new*me said...

Sometimes I just want to freeze time...I feel like it's gone before I had a chance to appreciate it. I am trying to focus on each new day and be present in the moments...even the little and monotonous ones. My son is getting ready to go into first grade too. I love your blog!

Sharla Rae said...

Hey, I'll be 43 next Tuesday. My "baby boy" is leaving for his third year of college in 4 weeks and my "baby girl" will be a HS senior-they were just born!

Michaels here have their Halloween and fall decorations out.

Summer to me-seems it hasn't started yet and it's almost over.

MCM Mama said...

Are we living the same life? We have WAAY too many things in common LOL, right down to the younger child having an interest in Nascar.

Enjoy Dave Matthews. I haven't been to see the band in years, but they had just formed and were playing at all the college hangouts during my last couple of years in school. It's still weird for me to think of them as "famous".

L.G. said...

Yay for Sophie's swimming abilities! I'm jealous. ;-)

I was thinking just yesterday how this summer has flown by so fast; soon school will be starting back up.

It sounds like life is being sweet to you and you totally deserve it.

I didn't know you were a DMB fanatic. You do know I'm from his hometown? Maybe I can snap some photos for you of Memorable Dave Places for your birthday.

BTW, if you're middle-aged, than I must be headed for Geezertown. :-)

Congrats on the weight and the workout. xoxo

Pokey said...

Crazy isnt it? I've been having the same thoughts oldest is starting 6th grade on Monday and I am trying to figure out where all the years went!!! YIKES!

My little guy will be 4 in a couple weeks, and it seems like I was just pregnant. It's insane.

Wow, we ARE middle-aged, arent we??? ;)