Thursday, July 03, 2008

149.8 - Random Thursday that's really Friday

Ah, it feels good to see 149 again on the scale. Life looks so rosy through weight-loss tinted glasses. And when it's a 3 day weekend. Woohoo, July 4th!

I am a bundle of randomness today. Here's what's rolling around in my head:

*I got a box of new books from Amazon yesterday (I am not on a book-buying strike like Alicia, but I probably should be). Am I the last to the party for Petite Anglaise? The book cover says she has 100,000 visits per month to her blog. I guess, though, since I pretty much only read weight loss/running blogs, I would never have heard of a British expat living in Paris. But, the book is really good so far. Other books on tap include two by Kate Christensen (I just finished The Great Man, and liked it so much I want to read more of her stuff) and the sequel to Chocolat. It's funny, I've not seen the Johnny Dep movie, but loved the book.

*Have to make a covered dish for one of our two 4th of July cookouts tomorrow, and the only thing I want to make (it's easy, everyone likes it) is baked corn casserole. This is a comfort food from way back in my childhood. The good news is, I won't eat it raw (like I would if I were baking, say, cookies or brownies). The bad news is, I will want to eat half the pan after it's baked. I'm going to restrain, however, and just eat a not so healthy but respectable spoonful.

*Have to also make a salad for our other cookout. This will be easy--dark greens, sliced strawberries, pecans, a bit of blue cheese, and Newman's Light Raspberry Vinaigrette. It's my standby summer salad.

*If it rains tomorrow, our cookouts will be disappointingly cook-ins, as both are pool parties.

*It's the first time I've had pool parties in my plans where I'm not completely freaked out about whether or not I'll wear a swimsuit. My bod is starting to look really good, notwithstanding the cottage cheese thighs or saddlebags--those will likely never be gone--and my red & white striped Nike tankini top with it's matching red swim skirt is just too cute, if I do say so myself.

*I have finally caught up on my sleep. Sophie is 95% back to her old self. Hooray!

*Does anyone else feel like once July gets here, the year is practically over? It's like we're on a downhill slide towards Christmas after the 4th. Might as well pull out the sweaters & jeans, the summer just flies by so quickly. Sophie starts 1st grade in a mere 5 1/2 weeks.

*The latch on the detergent door in the dishwasher broke this morning. So now I have to figure out how to get a replacement part (thank God for the internet... how did people figure this stuff out before google?) and how to get it replaced. Thankfully I have several handy family members (and the name of an appliance repair guy, if worse comes to worse) who can help, because DH can't fix anything and I don't have the time or energy to figure it out (I could though--I replaced our dryer belt when it broke a few years ago).

*Half marathon training starts on July 21st if I want to run Evansville's half in October. I have no idea if I'm up for this or not. I really like getting to run when I want to (or not), training with weights, and not feeling bad when I can't meet my mileage goals. It's too hot to run outside right now and will be for the next 3 months, so if I do train I'm going to have to change my lifestyle and start running in pre-heat-of-the-day mornings. This, my friends, is not something I have much desire to do. So, we shall see.

*Do any of you have the Hungry Girl cookbook? I have seen more and more of her recipes, and am wondering if it's a good cookbook? I'm a big fan of Roni's recipes, so I need easy, quick, and tasty. Does HG fit that description? Anyone? Anyone?

*I can't help but get misty eyed when I think of what July 4th truly means. Did any of you see the mini series John Adams? I admit I only watched part of it--DH was enthralled & watched it all--but what I did see made me much more aware of the sacrifices made and risks taken by our Founding Fathers, and also by, in no small part, their families. Regardless of the problems our country has, it's still the only place in the world I want to live. And I thank God I am a citizen of the USofA.

Fly your flags & enjoy your Independence Day, fellow Americans!


MCM Mama said...

Yay for continued weight loss!

I didn't realize our older kids are the same grade. Jones starts 1st this fall as well.

I hear you on not liking training for a specific event. I'm having a hard time mentally with having to run a specific distance on a specific day. I'm only on week 3 of the marathon training and I'm already having issues with the "requirements".

debbyweighsin said...

Hi Laura, WOW! That was a quick trip back to 149!!! Congratulations!

Haven't heard of Petite Anglaise, but am anxious to check it out.

The salad sounds fantastic.

Your suit sounds so cute.

I'd skip this marathon. Is there one you can train for in the fall?

I'm a big Hungry Girl fan. Subscribed to her emails before I got the cookbook. She has some amazingly low calorie swap-outs for fast food etc. Why don't you look around her website for free recipes before you buy the book. I really like her, but I have been thinking lately that some of her stuff isn't THAT nutritious. I think she is vegetarian, not sure, but maybe that's why I've noticed her snack recipes more. That said, I linked to her blueberry pancake recipe on my blog. It is truly unbelievable, and for whatever reason those pancakes hold me all the way til lunch.

I am very thankful that we live in this country too. Happy Fourth of July!

Running Knitter said...

I am going to add all those books to my list. Have a great holiday!

Sharla Rae said...

I haven't bought her book yet but the recipes I've tried from her web site have been good. I did see her book at Target.
Your salad sounds tastey

Have you "heard" from Alicia?