Friday, July 04, 2008

In honor of Vickie

I had pizza and cookies last night--not on plan, but I logged it all--and feel really bloated so I chose not to weigh today. I'm officially 5 points over my weekly allowance points (Monday was a high-point day, too) with 2 days left to go in my week. Oh well, it happens. All I can do is do my best today and tomorrow.

Vickie wrote a wonderful post today, and if you are doing your normal blog reading even on the holiday, you should pop over and give it a look. I'm posting today because of her. =)

My brother in law from Kentucky is spending the weekend with us, and thankfully he is really low maintenance so I didn't get all stressed out about the house like I would with any other house guest. I can't function in "house guest mode" right now. I just need to be a sloth for a few days!

Except on the exercise front. No rest there. I did 40 minutes on the treadmill yesterday. I alternated .25 miles running fast (9:30s and 9s!) with .25 miles walking 4.0-4.3 at a 6.0 incline. The walks were as hard as the runs at that incline. It was a great workout.

Today I hope to make it to the gym before the afternoon cookouts. I need to burn some calories today. Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. is my weights class, then I'll try to do 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be low key and relaxed. I am so ready for relaxed.


Helen said...

I think it's great to make an extra effort to exercise when we're having not so good food's a balance that works for me too! I'll be biking and walking a lot today and gymming on the weekend...hopefully that will mitigate any bad food/drink stuff that happens today!

Enjoy your holiday!

Vickie said...

glad you have an easy house guest. Have a fun rest of the weekend. Thanks for posting the linc - I always feel for anyone that is alone during the holidays and then finds empty streets in blog land.