Wednesday, July 09, 2008

152.2 - Veggies for dinner

I have a new favorite dinner--skillet veggies.

Roni has done it again. I love grilled zucchini and squash, but I can't grill (leave that up to the hubs). So when I found this recipe I was utterly excited. Which is weird, isn't it? It doesn't take much to get me excited nowadays.

I've made this dish twice and have modified it some because, as I told Roni in the comments, I have a cutting & chopping threshold. I omitted onions, used jarred minced garlic, and a half a can of petite-cut diced tomatoes (with the juice). The second time I made it, I used 1/2 can of tomatoes and only zuch & squash (2 of each), because they are quick to slice and they are my favorite. I also increased the garlic & spices by about half because 4 squash are a lot of veggies in the skillet.

Last night I put a big serving in a 1 point tortilla and sprinkled the warm veggies with 1/8 cup of fancy shredded mozzarella. I wrapped it all up and ate it with a fork, because those high fiber tortillas fall apart when you get something warm and wet in them. Tonight I had them in a WW 1 point pita (b/c I was out of the tortillas--stupid grocery store was all sold out of them yesterday), again with a bit of cheese.

An absolutely delicious, low calorie (& low points--2), and healthy meal.

Got a great workout in tonight. 25 minute walk on the treadmill, at 4.0 mph at a 6 incline. Not as tough as a run but I wasn't wearing a running bra so I couldn't run. I like to wear my racer back Tee when I take my weights class (which was after my walk) and the only bras that I've found that look OK under them are the Champion racer back bras, which have zero support for the Girls. But I get to watch my muscles flex when I'm pumping iron, so it's totally worth it.


MCM Mama said...

Yum! I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow now. Wish I could say I understand about not being able to run for lack of a supportive bra, but sadly, my "girls" need little in the way of support.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

That meal wouldn't work for me for lunch (I need more protein then), but it sounds like a great, easy, healthy dinner meal!

Vickie said...

Your dinner reminds me of one of my favorite GO TO's. My mock egg rolls that I am sure I have mentioned before - lots of stir "fried" veggies - measured rice and measured chicken - rolled in steamed cabbage leaves smeared with LOTS of chinese hot mustard.
I also bake zucchini (cut in half with V notch for the cheese) with just a bit of pepper jack.

Your writing reminds me so much of myself.

Grumpy Chair said...

Yum. Your veggie tortilla sounds delicious.

debbyweighsin said...

Yum yum. I like your idea and also Vickie's eggrolls. There's too many good food ideas out there!

Carly said...

That sounds really good. Thanks for sharing that recipe.

Sharla Rae said...

Wrapping the veggies in the tortilla sounds very yumm!

Vickie said...

it isn't all talk - I really do - look at myself as sort of a science experiment with feelings. When something happens - I think - what happened??? and then try to piece back through to see - and then learn from it. No worries - a few pangs of woulda/shoulda/coulda - but then I move (forward).