Thursday, July 17, 2008

150.0 - Two days off....kinda, maybe

So DH and I are going to a little town about 2 hours from here called French Lick (isn't that the best name ever?). One of our vendors sponsors a seminar there and pays for a night at the newly renovated hotel. We went last year, and it was really nice.

The plans are these: pick up kids around 2:00ish, get back to office, pick up DH (we'll leave a car at the office over night), drop off kids at my step-dad's mom's house at 3:30, my mom picks up kids at 4:30 after she gets home from work. We drive to French Lick in (hopefully) less than 2 hours, lose an hour because they are on Eastern time, check into hotel with 30 minutes to spare before dinner starts, change and freshen up, eat dinner with a group of mostly strangers, then we have the night to ourselves and have to get up early Friday morning for the seminar.

Then we're free at Friday around 2 p.m. We plan to go visit the West Baden Springs hotel in the afternoon. It's an historical landmark, a happening place back in the 1920s that was completely redone a few years ago. It has one of the largest open air domes in the country (I'm too lazy right now to google the details). Anyway, it's supposed to be spectacular.

We'll drive home Friday night and maybe have dinner and maybe see a movie. Then Saturday I'll go workout in the morning, pick up the dog from our cousin's house, pick up the kiddos, and then we'll have family time together. Sunday is church and yet another pool party/cook out for the rest of my husband's family's July birthdays (his included).

All of this, however, hinges on the health of my kids. I am concerned because (a) Sophie fell asleep at 8:30 last night not feeling great and had 99.5* temp this morning and (b) Luke has what appears to be the start of pink eye.


If my kids get sick, I swear I'm going to absolutely lose it.

I had leftover pink eye meds for Luke, which I started this morning and will send with him for my mom to put in all weekend. I gave Sophie ibuprofen before day camp and am keeping my fingers crossed she's okay.

But seriously, I fully expect to get a call while we're gone that they are sick.

And that just bites.

They aren't sick enough for me to cancel (yet--we still have 5 hours before we leave). But my mommy instincts are telling me things aren't quite right. At least they will be with my mom, because it's not like I can magic myself home if they get sick. I'll be two hours away.

The bright spot in all this is.... my weight is going down again. I have worked out the past couple of days and am logging my food and not eating at night. So I've gotten all the water weight off and IF I can keep myself contained this weekend, perhaps I can stay at 150 and gear up for more weight loss next week.

Maybe all that will happen. If only everyone stays healthy.

I'll likely be gone from the blog world until I'm home and have some free time this weekend. So you all behave while I'm away.
Noteworthy: I was scanning my past posts for something on last year's visit to French Lick, and instead found this. It's the post from July 17, 2007--one year ago today. On that day I threw a little internet party for being on plan 150 days. And I ran a 5k for the first time. And I wrote about how I ran outside for the first time. My word. I did a lot of things "for the first time" a mere 365 days ago. I take so many of those things for granted now--a 5k is a warm up now and I start at 5.8 mph instead of ending up there. I'm not bragging, just in awe that I have kept this lifestyle up, and that I am continuing to improve. And, this is the strangest feeling of all, the life of nonactivity and being grossly overweight seems lightyears behind me. That's where they are going to stay.


Running Knitter said...

Have fun!

Jill said...

Awesome!! It's so nice to see how far you've come isn't it? Makes those dark days seem a little brighter.

Have fun on your trip - I'll be sending healthy non-sick vibes to your kids so mommy & daddy can go play!(wink wink) ;)

And look at you - you're soooooo close to 149!! That's so great.

Have a good time - and you behave too (well, as much as you can anyway!!)

Marcy said...

Ooooo have fun chica!! Don't you just love those Mom instincts? LOL Man, pink eye is the WORST!

Helen said...

I hope you got to go and are having a great time! I always wanted to go to French Lick, but in all my years living in Indiana, I never made it. BUT DB and I are planning a trip in October to the Covered Bridge Festival and I can't wait...taking him "home" to Indiana to see things from my childhood (French Lick won't qualify unfortunately!).

And huge congrats on all the progress in "just" 365 days! Go you! :-)

Laura N said...

Hey gang--I'm here and they have free wireless internet! I love it when hotels have free internet.

Kiddos are OK so far.... =)

Vickie said...

I remember having a very fun time looking through web sites for those old restored hotels last year when you went. How times flies!!!

I don't know a thing about pink eye. Is there an actual TEST that they do - or if a kid has two pink colored whites of his eyes - do they just label him? If so - I would have been labeled with ONE pink eye yesterday - and if I wanted them to match - all I had to do was touch the other eye with my hand - and it would have been very pink to. Allergies for me. Are you sure that isn't what is going on for him. As an adult - I can just not touch my eyes (except for the one that I rubbed without thinking) but I know how hard it is to teach a kid to only touch it with a wet washcloth. . .

debby said...

Hey Laura, I was glad to see your comment that it still looked hopeful for you to go! It really sounds like a fun, relaxing weekend.

That is so cool about checking your blog from a year ago and seeing how far you've come. I can hardly wait til I've been doing this a year and can look back. It is so fun to share this with others too. Thank you for sharing. You really are an inspiration to me, especially in the exercise department!

L.G. said...

It's funny how a little thing called perspective helps remind us of where we were and how far we've come?

You're doing fantastic!

I hope you had your wonderful weekend. (When I think of French Lick, though, I do think of Larry Bird and then laugh about the name.)

Keep up the great job!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Since you haven't posted, I'm hoping you got to go on your lovely mini-vacation. :D

And yes, you are definitely inspirational, Laura! You've really stuck to all this.