Saturday, August 02, 2008

This should have been Friday's post

Last night after we got home from our Friday Night Group gathering and after the kids were in bed, I sat down to write a post about my day and to keep myself from eating the leftover birthday cake (most of it got eaten at our friends' house, but not all, and she's on a diet and didn't want the rest left in her house either).

But Blogger flaked out and I couldn't get on. I said "WTF?" and visited some other sites and had the same problem with some, not with others. I felt completely deserted. I needed my therapy, and my therapist was MIA!

You original AFG's will remember when Frances' Amazon blog got locked up and we weren't able to communicate for a few days. It was like we lost a life line. That blog blip is what caused all of us to create our own blogs. We never wanted to be out of touch with each other again.

Last night the stress of the day and the frustration over not being able to post and the lateness of the evening (it was midnight), OF COURSE drove me to the chocolate cake. I didn't have the whole thing, but I had at least a piece (I didn't even cut a slice, just ate it with a fork right out of the container). Emotional eating at it's best, er, worst.

The good news about Friday, which I couldn't wait to share with everyone and, again, it was frustrating as all get out that I had to wait, was that I finally feel like running is coming along again. If I had gotten to post yesterday the title was going to be "A journey of 13.1 miles begins with..." and I would have said "a single step? a race entry confirmation? body-glide covered feet?" And I would have answered "For me, it is a 3 mile run without walk breaks."

Yesterday was the first time since the Indy half marathon that I ran 3 miles without a walk break. And I finally, at last, feel like I'm fo really reals in training for a half marathon. All summer my running has been run/walk/run/walk. Which is fine, truly, I don't mind it. But I can't do my half like that--it takes too much effort to get started running again once you stop. So I knew I had to train my body to run/run/run/run instead. I'd worked myself up to 2 miles earlier this week without a walk break.

And then yesterday, I had to run 3 miles according to my training schedule and I knew I could run the full three (inside on the TM--way too hot for outside running right now). I started out slow--10:56 min/mile--because of the Runner's World article I read a while back that said if you train by running fast to start and running slow at the end, that's how you'll race. So I'm working on turning that around, and it worked great yesterday. The 2nd mile I kicked it up to 10:42 min/mile, and by the start of the 3rd mile I was ready for a walk break or some water but instead increased my speed to 10:31 min/mile. And the last .75 miles I increased my speed .1 mph for every tenth of a mile I ran. My final .1 miles was at 9:30 and it felt amazing.

It's runs like that that keep me coming back for more.

So, anyway, this morning I was supposed to do my weights class but I got to sleep so late--and had stayed up late the night before too (1 a.m. both nights)--that I was too exhausted. I got up at 9 a.m. (the kids slept late too) and then made a Panera Bread run for a scone and coffee and a grocery store run for the rest of the family. No weigh in for me today!

But I am running 5 miles this afternoon. I'll allow a walk/water break at 3 miles, then will run the rest (fingers crossed). I'm so thankful I'm healthy and strong and can do this running thing.

And so glad blogger's back. I was pretty freaked out without it.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


Jim said...

Congratulations on your running efforts. I have been sedentary for so many years that I'm having to start exercising at a very low and slow level, but it's very encouraging to read blogs like yours. Thanks for sharing (the story, not the cake).

MCM Mama said...

WTG on the 3 mile run! Ever since you mentioned that article to me, I've been trying to do negative splits and kick it at the end as well.

When is your half?

Glad you are back "on". I feel so lost when I have internet issues.

debby said...

Fantastic, Laura, on your running and marathon training! I'm kinda confused about you not being able to access blogs. I just get to all my blogs (mine and others I read) through my bookmarks on the internet. I think you posted on Jill's to ask people if they could access your blog, and I could get to it that day I could see where you might not be able to write a blog if 'blogger' is down, but I don't see why you couldn't access everyone else's blogs. oh, well, the mysteries of the internet. I'm just glad you're back!

Vickie said...

I had major problems getting in MANY blogs Friday/Saturday - for some reason - mine was okay - but most of the others it would open - appear normal for a few seconds and then give me an error message.

if this happens to you again - you might try composing your thoughts in WORD and then just copying them later. When there used to be problems ALL the time - I did this. I also do it when bloggers spell check is not working.

Hope the rest of your weekend was nice and fun and relaxing.

Jill said...

Hey girl - sorry I'm just now checking in!! Glad that you are up and running again (both you AND your blog!!)

Don't sweat the cake sweetie - at least you tried to resist it! Just keep practicing "la resistance" and it will become second nature before long.

And can I just say "mmm...cake"! YUM!

L.G. said...

Hey, if you get down about blogger being all screwed up, send me an email. :-)

I'm so proud of you and your running. Picture some broken down kneecaps with a cane pointing in the direction of your kneecaps and saying, "You go girls!"