Wednesday, August 13, 2008

151.6 - Random Wednesday

I have nothing cohesive or coherent to write about today, so it's just gonna be a ramble.

*Monday I did no exercise--it was the first day of school for Sophie, and I wanted to pick her up at a decent hour and find out how First grade was. She had a good day, for the most part. They did lots of review so it's all pretty easy so far.

*Tuesday I got in a one-hour weights class and then ran 3 miles. I questioned my sanity during the first quarter mile of the run, but by the end of the first mile it wasn't bad. I kicked it up a few notches in the last half mile and finished by running the last .15 miles at 8:31. Sometimes it's nice to run fast just so you can get the darn run done.

*It's next to impossible to get my two kids asleep by 8 p.m. I have been trying the past three nights, and unless I start getting them ready for bed at 6:30, it's just not happening. Heck, some nights we don't even get home until 6:30. Oy, this getting back to school time of year is tough.

*My niece-in-law Kate has booked a hotel room for next year's Indy half marathon, and I'm signing up today. So I've got a half marathon on the calendar for 2009. It's pretty cool that I get to be seeded this time and won't have to start in corral U like I did this year.

*I just ate a chocolate croissant from Panera Bread. It was delicious and reminded me of the week I spent in Paris when I was in college. But what the heck was I thinking? You can't get to your goal weight by eating pastries in the middle of the day in the middle of the week.

*Luke is potty training with earnest, at last. He asked to go to the potty last night and this morning, and yesterday he went potty twice at day care. Woohoo! The end of diapers is in sight.

*I get my haircut tomorrow. It's been over 3 months since I've had my haircut. I never go that long without seeing my stylist. I love having my hair fussed over, so this is going to be a treat. I'd really like to get it cut short again, but I think I need it to be longer so I can pull it back when I run. How crazy is that--I'm planning my hair around my running.

I think this is one of the most boring posts I've ever written. But, you know, boring is often the best you can ask for. At least there's no drama right now (knock wood).


Anonymous said...

Not boring at all, Laura. I really enjoy 'life as normal,' and its nice to hear about yours. I actually really liked your description of your run, how you questioned your sanity the first 1/4 mile, and then ended up running 3 miles! And going extra fast at the end just to get it finished. I end a lot of my walks that way. It is an uphill grade on the way home, and I just march along as fast as I possibly can.

Jill said...

Ha! I was just sitting here thinking "I"d really like to blog right now, but I have nothing to blog about!!" A random Wednesday might be in order for the SassyPear.

I'm glad someone else has trouble getting the kiddos to get to bed. It shouldn't take an hour and half to get pjs on, brush teeth, and read a book! I have to admit that I love daylight saving time because it is so much easier to get them to bed when it gets dark at 5:30!

Potty training - ugh!! I am so sick of "accidents" that I could scream! The Priss knows what to do, she just doesn't always do it.

Chocolate croissant? YUM!!!!

Still haven't caught up with MadMen yet - I may have to start watching it just because I miss our Idol chats!! =)

Have a good day sistah!

Grumpy Chair said...

Laura, you are never boring. Enjoyed reading about the kids - first grade and potty training.

My little one does not currently go to bed until 10:00 pm, even though she has been bathed and pj'd out since 8:45 - 9:00 pm. She will be sleepy kid come August 25th when school starts.

I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your "Cleaning out the garage / weight loss" post very much. Very insightful.

Vickie said...

no drama can be a very good thing indeed.

Cindy154 said...

I like posts like this. hearing about life and what you are doing. Like talking on the phone with a friend. We are having trouble getting to sleep early for school, too. My daughter started high school, yours started 1st grade, I think there is something in common with that. Adjustments. Forget the pastry, it's enjoyed it. I like having a goal weight but I also like just plain living at the weight I am sometimes. Sure, I want my thighs to get smaller but sometimes I also want to just relax and take it easy. I still marvel at your running, and the amount of exercise you do!