Wednesday, August 27, 2008

153.0 - Success

I am so happy to report that, indeed, I did not stuff my pie hole after the kids went to bed. And the scale played along. And I feel much better this morning as a result.

My definition of night eating is eating after the kids are asleep, which is anytime between 8 and 9 p.m. during the week (with the caveat that I ate dinner before they go down--if it's an insane night and I don't eat a real dinner until after they go to bed, that doesn't count as night eating).

The previously inconceivable feat was accomplished because of the following:

1) I made the commitment here to no night eating. Public commitment, for me, is a big reason I lost weight and have kept it off.

2) I repeated the mantra "I will not eat at night" over and over and over in my head, from the minute I posted yesterday until I fell asleep.

3) I prayed about it. Nothing like having The Big Guy in your corner.

4) I took a xanax before I put the kids to bed, so I'd be sure to stay asleep. Better living through chemicals is another motto I live by (ha).

5) I went straight to bed after the kids were asleep. I have a horrible habit of sitting in the family room after the kids are down, and will watch TV or read (and sometimes both at the same time). We have a family room/kitchen combo, so the food is RIGHT THERE. It's way too easy and tempting to eat at night when you are 10 feet from a food source. And usually I'll fall asleep in the family room, and then wake up in the middle of the night, and on my way to bed I'll mindlessly eat something. Very self defeating, I know.

6) I fell asleep in bed and stayed asleep in bed. No scavenging through the kitchen at night. No mindless consumption of carbs.

7) I ran 4 miles yesterday afternoon, so my body was nicely tired. I didn't get in my planned 5--too hot and I ran slowly and didn't allow enough time for 5 miles at 11+ min miles. But 4 miles in 44:30 is still a good workout for me.

When I woke up this morning, I wasn't bloated. I didn't have cotton mouth. I was hungry! And the scale dropped 1.4 pounds from yesterday. A loss is a nice way to start the day.

Have I conquered my night eating demons? No. I've dealt with this issue my entire life. But I've taken a step. Shown myself that I can do it. Realized I will not die if I don't satisfy a craving the moment it strikes me.

I plan on a 3 mile run before my weights class tonight at 5:30. And I'm committing to night #2 of no night eating.

If you haven't lately (and, seriously, why would you?!) go check out my running totals so far this year. To toot my own horn, I am kicking ass on the mileage front--346.11 so far this year. I committed to running 70 miles in August, to Erin at Lose the Buddha who has a team for the Nike Human Race challenge. And by golly, I am going to hit that 70 miles this month if it kills me. Which it might. I have to run 25 miles this week, but with a 9 miler on Friday that means only 16 miles the other 6 days. I'm gonna get there. Just watch me.


Jill said...

Woo!!! Good for you girl!! Amazing what a little forethought and planning can do, huh?

That's a lot of running there girlie! I"m super impressed and so proud and envious of you! I think I have given up the dream of being a runner, so I will run vicariously through you!

You're still awesome as ever! =)

L.G. said...

What I like about your plan to not night eat is that you thought about where things went downhill. And you planned or changed things to avoid/accommodate it. And some things will be easier and on other days (high stresses or something) it might be harder but you've made a commitment to try new things to avoid eating. Which is awesome!

You are doing fabulous with your running. You'll hit 70! I lknow you will!

Vickie said...

Go Laura go - go Laura go.

MizFit said...

seriously go you!

it's all about the babysteps to lifelong change in my opinion.

have a great thursday.

G.G. said...

Good for you! When I'm having control issues, it's hard to remember how good sticking to my plan feels (better than the garbage I'm eating)--but a couple of good days helps remind me.

Better living through chemicals--HA!--I may have to make that the new title of my blog . . . .