Wednesday, August 20, 2008

154.2 - Too much to do, and a quote from T9

I'm so swamped--we have a client dinner tonight and yesterday's day off with Luke didn't help with my regular work load--but wanted to check in anyway. (The boy is fine, BTW. Sore throat that lasted all of about 5 hours. Thank goodness he's a healthy kid.)

I've got so much rattling around in my head about body acceptance right now. I just cannot get happy with how I look--too much fat in my belly, too much fat in my behind & thighs--regardless of what size clothing I've got on my back.

And that unhappiness seems so stupid. A colossal waste of time and mental energy.

So. When I have time, perhaps I'll get some free therapy out here where I can figure it all out with you guys.

In the mean time, keep up the good fight, friends. I'll leave you with an inspirational quote from my Title 9 catalog that arrived today. You can ignore the T9 commercial. I just liked the failure stuff.

"Fail faster to succeed sooner. It's a mantra of ours here at T9. Failing is when theory turns to practice, failing is where the learning comes in, failing is what leads to success. But no matter how often we say it, it's still hard to live it. So this fall, try a little failing with us here at T9. The opportunities are endless." --Missy Park, Founder


ws said...

I'm not sure where I fit in on the body acceptance scale, but I know standing in a sweaty yoga studio in a sports bra and running shorts with my imperfect body and still being able to bend and flex my body in ways it wouldn't naturally go seems to be helpful.

Running had a similar effect but I wasn't staring at a mirror for 90 minutes.

when all else fails though, I remember this quote "compassionate towards themselves, they make peace with the world"

Jill said...

Hang in there chica. We've all had those days when it doesn't matter how much we've accomplished, we still only see what we haven't done.

Sometimes it helps to remember that "good enough" is still GOOD.

Not to bring you down any further, but did you hear about the guy from DMB?? Poor guy. I immediately thought of you when I heard about him. =(

Hope your day gets better!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Don't fret it. This will probably be contrary to all other advice but I'm going to say it anyway. :D When I get too comfortable with how I look, I start making bad decisions and before you know it, I'm up 10, then 20. If I keep a healthy perspective that it's not that great yet and don't get too cocky, I seem to do a lot better. Does that make sense? I'm not saying you have to hang on to an unhealthy complex about your body but I have trouble when I get too okay with it. :D

I've had some good luck recently, hanging around 149 - 151 :O !!

Hope you are well.

PS There is a gal in my meetings that looks so much like your pic. I always think of you in my long meetings!!

Cindy154 said...

I know what you mean about the body acceptance. I am there at the moment. Mostly the thighs. But a little with the tummy, too. Thanks for posting about it.

Helen said...

I relate to too too. And body acceptance? Well, that ain't never gonna happen for me so I just have to learn to live with it! ;-)