Thursday, August 28, 2008

152.4 - Another change of plans

There's nothing like LIFE to get in the way of your best laid plans, is there.

Yesterday we ended up having a client come in right before 5 p.m., and since it was new business & paperwork was involved, I needed to be here. That's all good--we always need new business. But it screwed with my weight lifting class plans at 5:30.

I did not let it derail me, though. I still made it to the gym and ran 3 miles, then joined a pilates class for the last 40 minutes of class. I haven't done pilates at the gym in, oh, I just can't even remember the last time. Pilates is hard! I'd forgotten how tough it could be. I think I need to take that class more often, to shake things up around here.

Speaking of shaking things up, I am pretty sure I'm going to do a (yet another) new diet plan. I read about a book called Crack the Fat-Loss Code over on Jojo's blog, and decided I needed to try something (yet again) to get this weight loss gig jump-started. I haven't read through the book yet--other than the week one info, which is a carb deplete cycle--and I may or may not be starting it this weekend. We'll see.

I work best and get results when I (a) have a written, fairly simple diet plan and (b) have people that I'm accountable to. It's how I lost weight on LA Weight Loss. So, if I get through this book and it looks reasonable, doable, and not too complicated (the Precision Nutrition book I bought late last year was unbelievably complicated and had way too many vegetables at every freaking meal, and I just couldn't hack it), then I'll be yacking away about that soon.

Tonight--4 miles. Tomorrow--9 miles. It's still in the 90s here (dammit), so I'm kicking around the idea of getting up tomorrow morning at 4:45 a.m. so I can run my 9er outside instead of on the treadmill and track at the gym. It takes A LOT to get me up that early. And I'm not sure my slowly-building-loathing of indoor runs has reached the tipping point yet. I can likely stomach the monotony of the indoor run more than I can an early morning. How I wish I'd gotten the morning person gene.

Edited later to add: DOH! I totally forgot to update y'all on the night eating thing. Day 2, no junk at night. I didn't eat dinner until after the kids were in bed, but it was 1 egg, a big bunch of broccoli, and a 100 cal English muffin. Then a mug of hot chocolate w/ 1% milk & 50 cal hot chocolate mix. And that was it.


Jill said...

Hey girl - if you get up at 4:45, then I'll get up then too. Can't let you run alone in the dark now, can I? Aside from the fact that we live hundreds of miles apart, and I'll be walking on the treadmill in the garage, we can work out together, can't we???

I've been mixing up my workout times lately and it seems to help break up the monotony. It's easier to get up at 4:45 when I know I don't have to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY. The other days I work out in the afternoon, and sometimes it's after dinner before I git r done. Being at least a little bit consistent helps!

Good job on going to Plan B after work yesterday. And you know that I am all for shaking things up - workouts or eating plans either one!!

You sound like you are doing great! Funk be damned!! =)

Jodie said...

I think you'll enjoy cracking. Very simple plan. Easy to use, easy to follow. There's about 5 of us at work doing it now. All with great results.

You can find the book (for free) online too, but be careful about downloading (of course.)

Good for you for sticking with a workout, even when your initial agenda was changed. keep it up!

debby said...

Man, you're on a roll, Laura. Roni over on Ronisweigh reviewed that book too. I'll be interested to see what you think. But I'm most interested in your non-eating nights! I think I like that idea--eating dinner a little bit later. Might have to try that this week.

MCM Mama said...

Sounds like you are doing well, despite the change in plans.

I hate getting up early. I get up at 5:30 for my long runs so that I can hit the road by 6:30 and that's about as early as I can manage. Of course, living in a pretty urban environment, I don't really want to be running outside before it's at least partly light out...

Keep up the good work on no eating at night time!

Cindy154 said...

I am very impressed with your running totals and your victory over night eating. I am going to do what you are doing. Not the running, but the other stuff on your night eating. If I could get my evenings under control, I'd start losing again. During the day I can maintain. It is when I walk in the door until falling asleep that gets real tricky.