Friday, August 29, 2008

152.8 - TGIF

Um, yeah, so 4:45 a.m. didn't happen this morning. No big surprise. I did get 4 miles in yesterday afternoon on the treadmill.

It's muggier than all get out today, so I don't know what I'm going to do. Run in the humidity? Run indoors? Run tomorrow morning? I'm leaning toward running my 9 miler tomorrow morning (I'll run at least 3 this afternoon), but I won't get up until 6 a.m. and then even if I sleep in, I'll still have the rest of the day to get 'r done because it's SATURDAY!! =)

And then we get two more days off.

I love Monday holidays.

I started reading the Crack the Fat Loss Code book last night. Too soon to tell what I think of it. Other than the first week is going to suck. But it's 7 lousy days of suckage. I'll just have to apply my "you can do anything for one minute" rule to the carb deplete cycle--you can eat anything for 7 days...if it means you'll lose the fat in your stomach and hips.

On the night eating front, I had a little slip last night but I learned a huge lesson. Falling asleep in the family room is a big NO NO. I watched TV with DH and fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up at 2 am I went right into robot mode. Pulled out the pumpkin fluff I'd made a few days ago (1 can pumpkin + 1 thawed tub of Cool Whip Free + 1 pkg instant SF vanilla pudding mix + several dashes of nutmeg and/or pumpkin pie spice) and grabbed a spoon and just dug in. I stopped myself after about 5 or so bites, so it wasn't much. But still. It is obvious that I've got some kind of Pavlovianesque response going on. Family room + middle of the night = eat.

So the first battle I need to win is to fall asleep in my bed. Then it seems the food thing will fall in line, as it did the first two nights when I didn't eat. Funny how it's so hard to make myself fall asleep in my bed. (Actually, it's funny how I can't keep myself awake after a few minutes in front of the television.)

Hope everyone has a lovely 3 day weekend.


Vickie said...

I think you said that your kitchen is an open air connection to your family room -half kidding - half serious - if there is a door way - consider using a baby gate. . .not down on the floor like for a baby - but up high enough so that you can't get over it and can't quite get under it . . .

MizFit said...


Id never heard of pumpkin fluff.



Jodie said...

First, I love PUMPKIN! LOVE IT. That recipe sounds amazing.

Second, the first week of cracking wasn't hard at all. (I haven't found any great recipes anywhere, really) but we did lots of grilled chicken and steak. Then we had brocolli or salad with every meal. Tuna fish is good too - with real mayo and dill relish (you can add splenda if you're used to sweet relish.)
Also, do a google search for crack slaw - yummo.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

It still blows my mind that you can wake up in the morning and run 9 miles.