Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 244 - 154.6 Tready and I are friends again & Some new programs

The treadmill and I made up yesterday. I sang this little song to Dear Tready while I ran:

Jack Ingram, "We're all in this together"
We're all in this together,
Whether we like it or not.
So we might as well have a good time
With the little bit of time we got.
Life's too short to fuss and fight
So we might as well be friends.
'Cause we're all in this together
Together till the bitter end.

And it wasn't so bitter yesterday. I ran 4 miles in 44:03. I varied the pace a TON, walking some, running slow some, and bookin' it the last mile. I decided in mile 3 that I'd try to beat my best 4 mile time (didn't happen but I still tried till the end), and so I pushed hard that mile. The last .3 miles I ran a 9:17 pace, which is super fast for me and I was ready to throw up (not really, but it sounds dramatic, eh?) by the time I slammed my fist down on the STOP button at mile 4.

Today we've got some sunshine and I'm hoping it stays around for my run this afternoon. If not, I'll be back on Tready having a big ole time.

My diet? Um, it's been so so. I did much better yesterday, but still had a Take 5 at night (damn those candy makers! I'm a sucker for pretzels and caramel and chocolate, oh my!). It was the last one in the house, so at least that's done.

Yesterday I ordered a new nutrition package, called Precision Nutrition. I just feel like I need to shake it up and do something MORE to get these last pounds off.

I got the link from Skwigg, who I found from Debbie, and OMG I totally want Skwigg's body. Not in a lesbian kind of way (not that there's anything wrong with that), but in a covetous and a "how can I look like that too?" way. So I bit the bullet and bought the program and can't wait for it to arrive. I LOVE books and reading up on nutrition stuff, and the food Skwigg eats is totally what I love (she can't cook--neither can I--so I know that's not a big requirement for this PN program, which is a huge plus). I will of course keep you all posted on how it goes.

I also bought Afterburn, which Skwigg recommends for workouts. I know, I know. I'm getting a bit obsessive. To be fair, I was planning on getting a personal training package at the gym once they reopened the normal facility, so I could start lifting weights and boosting my metabolism. That was gonna cost 100s of dollars, so Afterburn I figure is a bargain (as long as I do it, of course). Skwigg's results are phenomenal.

If I've learned anything about myself these past several months, it's that I can accomplish amazing things that surprise even me. Last year at this time, who'd have thought I could run 5 miles? Or that I'd be 50 pounds lighter? Certainly not me. Last year I was a mess. So, if I've decided I'm gonna get muscled and buff and lose this freaking belly fat, then by golly that's what's gonna happen.

Happy Hump Day friends!

Sophie update: She rode the school bus today! Not one iota of dizziness when she woke up. She fell asleep last night at 7:30 and slept the entire night until 7 a.m this morning, when she woke up by herself and felt completely fine. All is right with the world.


Tigerlilly said...


You are such a great friend.. thank you for being a support for me to lean on.

Looks like you are looking for a little change in workouts too... let me know how you like it and I'll let you know how the Forza goes. :)

Great job on running with the treadmill. I'm glad you two made up.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Modeling your actions after someone who has what you want is one of the best formulas for success. (That is totally an Anthony Robbins concept - I am an AR nut!)

ws said...

so when will you actually start running until you puke rather than just running until you think you might puke.

Grumpy Chair said...

So, so glad Sophie is doing better.

I linked over to Skwigg and wow! I had read the link that Debbi had on her post last week, and I would have never guessed the author of that post looked like that!

I can't wait until you get started on your new program. According to that fellow I talked to yesterday, you gotta shake things up or else your body stops the weight loss.