Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 230 - 152.6

Oy, it's been a nutso day. It's 2:30 PM and I'm just now getting to eat lunch. But, we did a big piece of business today that basically makes the rest of the year (YES!) and so it's totally fine that I'm swamped.

Sophie was still dizzy--thanks, all, for the well wishes. I expect she'll be with me for a couple more days. At least she's not light sensitive or vomiting with this episode (not yet anyway). She is such a trooper, playing and coloring and watching movies at the office.

I have to carry her around when we go from the car to the office, or to wherever, when she's dizzy. She's tries to walk and will make a few steps, but then gets dizzy and I carry her. Here's the thing, and I've said this before but this carrying her business just re-emphasizes it--I have lost what she weighs. And carrying around an extra 53 pounds is hard!

I know my extra weight wasn't concentrated in bones and muscles all lumped up on the front of me and carried in my arms, like my daughter is, but it's still a huge embodiment of the weight I've lost.

And now for running--I had one of the BEST runs ever last night. I went out at 6:55 p.m. and it was in the low 70s/upper 60s, with low humidity. Wow, what a difference. The last mile of my run I was pretty warm and took off my shirt (I was in my neighborhood for the last mile so I could circle around and pick it up) and I ran in just my sports bras (I wear 2 to support The Girls) and running pants. The wind on my skin felt amazing. It was dark, so I wasn't self conscious about my stomach at all, and there was something freeing in running in so little clothing.

So now I've got to start doing Pilates and crunches and get the rest of the fat off my stomach so I can run with no shirt all the time and not scare young children. As any Mom knows, a post-baby belly is rather frightening. True, my baby is almost 2 years old, but my stomach is still seriously scary.

I did 4 miles in 44:07. I'm hoping for a repeat of that tonight.

I will try to catch up on your blogs tonight, blogging friends.


Grumpy Chair said...

Oh my goodness!!! Look at your weight!!! Do you just giggle when you get on the scales in the morning?!! Gosh, I know I would. Then I would prance around the bathroom all naked and doing the Egyptian dance!

Interesting analogy about carrying the extra 53 pounds around.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Awesome weight, girlie. I finally dropped a couple and was good today. Keep your fingers crossed that I am on a path.

I hope the little sweetie gets better soon, poor dear.

ws said...

ripping off the clothes in the middle of the street - wow.

nothing like finishing off the rest of the year in October...I only wish.

Jess said...

Congrats on such a fine run! That always feels awesome, doesn't it?

Marcy said...

Shoot, my youngest is about 2 and my stomach looks like a NIGHTMARE!! You know what's funny is that I was naive enough (going into my first pregnancy) to think "Ohhhhh yeah I can totally tack on 75 pounds and will come back looking the same" HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAA

Awesome job with the weight loss chica!! You are doing FABULOUS!!!! ;D ;D