Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day 229 - 153.6

Finally got a new number in second place on the scale, and it was a lower one at that! I've been 154ish for a couple of weeks, so it's nice to know I haven't hit a plateau again.

Got no running in yesterday, which was a big disappointment. I knew it was going to be tough, with my work schedule and with Sophie's swim lessons at 5, which means I leave work at 4 to pick up the kids, get her changed, get them both fed, and drive to lessons. DH had his men's group last night and didn't get home until 9:30, so even though I was dressed to run and had planned on going out at night once he got home, I had fallen asleep with Sophie and was under no illusion that I was going running at 10 p.m. Whatever. Just means I get to run one day this weekend.

Sophie woke up this morning with a dizzy spell. She has complicated migraines and they manifest themselves in dizziness/vertigo. Thankfully I can bring her with me to the office, and she draws & colors & plays with her stuffed animals & watches movies, so she's not too disruptive. Other than the fact that she can't walk without feeling dizzy, she's fine (at least, for now). The bad thing is these spells can last for days, and they sometimes get progressively worse--where she gets the full blown migraine with light sensitivity and vomiting. I'm praying this is a quick bout and she can go to school tomorrow. It's been months since she 's had one, and I knew we were due.

I'm planning on running 4 miles sometime tonight, when Mark can keep the kids. The weather has finally broken and we are getting 70s today and even 60s later in the week. The lows will be in the 40s! I am so pumped. I just bought a new winter coat online, because my old one (size 16) is tent-like now. I tried on every coat in my closet and they were all huge, not just a little big but embarrassingly gigantic. Buying a new coat to me is like buying a new furnace for your house--I'd rather spend the money on something fun, like shoes, but I gotta have a coat so there you go.

I haven't even run the Indy Half yet--not even up to training mileage yet!--but I am seriously psyching myself up to run a marathon the year I turn 40, which is 2010. I told my husband this morning that's my goal, and he agreed that age is a great motivator (he's 45 so he's very wise about this stuff ;-). So that's the plan... marathon training begins in 2009. God willing, I'll be healthy enough to do it.

Until then, I'm just gonna try to get 20 miles in this week.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great job, Laura !! I'm still lurking around 158 :( Trying to make a play for it this week, but we'll see. I was doing marathon training but backed off some due to my finicky feet. I'm doing some PT to help but you are smart to get a good base in now and see if everything holds together before marathon training. I'm hoping to do a HM in two weeks (instead of the full).

Hope the migraine has come and gone.

ws said...

No running at 10pm? I've done it a few times, but I still prefer the AM grind.

I feel bad for your daughter and I totally know the feeling. The light sensitivity is the worst if you ask me. (I've since become very astygmatic). I hope she feels better soon.

Lows in the 40's - that's hibernation weather. 20 miles a week becomes 30 and then 40, or maybe not, since you have responsibilities.

Marcy said...

That is so sweet that you can have her in the office with you :-) I hope she starts feeling on the up and up!

I say you'll be ready for a full marathon waaaaaaayyyyyyy before 2010 ;-) You're doing excellent!

Tigerlilly said...

There are two things I collect.. books and jackets.I know, thats a weird one, but I just seem to pick them up all the time. I was going to say you can have any one of mine, but then agian, they would be too big on you.. hmph. ;)

My friend Angie (who is already an ultra runner) wants us to do a 30 miler in April.. when we both turn 30. I told her I would bust my butt to get there.. but I cant imagine running that far! LOL You, on the other hand, will kick butt in 2010!

Hope your kiddo starts feeling better soon..

Lori said...

I'm so sorry about Sophie; I hope she's feeling better. I'm glad you can bring her into the office and she is not totally incapaticated. (Spelling's off.)

But congratulations on the weight! whoo-whoo! You're doing great. I think you'll be ready for a full marathon. I was reading an old entry of yours at my blog -- back in July and you weren't even running outside then. Look at far you've come! :-)

Jess said...

Poor Sophie! At least she can be with you at work -- that's great.