Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day 222 - 154.8

I'm a bit better today, and thank you all for your well wishes. That post *was* from Monday--I had set up the links last Friday and just edited that post, and forgot to change the posting date... in case anyone noticed that the date yesterday said "Friday."

I did the best thing I could for myself yesterday afternoon--I went out for a run. I'd planned on 4 miles, but ran out of gas after about 2 miles and just headed back to finish with around 3. I'd skipped lunch--had zero appetite yesterday--and my body needed more energy, I suppose, if it was gonna do 4.

Anywho, at least I got out there and I did feel better during and after. I had a McD's salad while Sophie had swim lessons at 5:00, and then went home, let the kids play a bit, got them in bed and then read a book (Swapping Lives by Jane Green--not great, but I hate not finishing a book I've started...it's a quick & easy read). I was asleep by 9:30, but back awake at 1 a.m. when Luke woke up. Got him settled down and then I couldn't sleep. So, I had some chocolate. Not a great choice, but given the circumstances, I'll take a 250 calorie night time eating event over a pint of Ben & Jerry's, which is what I really felt like eating.

So I'm tired today, and it's probably still the PMS making me feel blah. It will be over soon, and I have my weekend away with my girlfriend in Arkansas to look forward to this Friday. I am counting down the minutes.

Planning on a run today, and I'm toying with doing 5 miles. If I can get out of the office with enough time, I'm gonna try it. It will be my first time to run 5. Keep sending me those positive vibes, and I know I can do it.

Thanks, friends!

OH! I almost forgot-- yesterday at LA weigh in, I hit 155. It's official, only 10 pounds to go. I'll post a progress pic soon.


Marcy said...

I love McD's salads. They're pretty darn good.

I hate nights like those. I feel your pain. Just last night I had the 3 y.o. come in saying she needed to use the potty at 3am. Great. That's always a 15 minute ordeal and I always have the hardest time going back to bed. Here's to a 20 cup of coffee day LOL

Good luck on that run!! You can do it!! ;D

ws said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

Good luck on the five miler today. Each additional mile is still just one mile run and you know you can run one mile so it shouldn't be a problem.

If it goes well, you could change your plans for Little Rock and fly to NY instead. Then you could pace me through my 20 miler on Sunday since Marcy already declined.

Grumpy Chair said...

It's great reading your healthy habits. Last year, PMS meant giving in to whatever craving; last night it meant running, of course!

Have fun on tonight's run.

Tigerlilly said...

Have a great run.. I'll be sending you some good running vibes all day!!

and YAY!!! for 155!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

155?????!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo

the veggie paparazzo said...

Congratulations on your loss!

Lori said...

Wow, 155!? Congratulations, girl! You rock. I love it that you now run when you have PMS instead of reaching for sweets.

Are you going to look for diamonds in Arkansas? They do have a park where you can look for diamonds.


I hope you feel more better today.