Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 246 - 152.8 Halloween costumes & Progress Pic

I love seeing those numbers go down. I know such a big drop is from glycogen/water loss, since I didn't work out yesterday and I ate really well and wasn't retaining water. But it's good to see the numbers going down again.

My husband decided he wanted to buy costumes for our party on Saturday night, instead of wearing our Lord & Lady Getups. He picked out Fred & Wilma Flintstone. So I said, "Yeah sure" when I looked over Wilma's costume on his computer screen on Monday night, after a long day and the last thing I wanted to do was discuss costumes. I figured, hey I'm finally small enough I can wear a cheapo-yet-stupidly-expensive costume out of a cellophane bag that I've not tried on beforehand, so Okay.

Holy crap. The Wilma dress is made of white, thin fabric and only has one shoulder covered. I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I said okay to this. I do not want to buy a strapless bra just for Halloween, so I'm going to have to sticky tape (somehow) my bra cup to my boob on the strapless side. Thankfully, it fit me but it's so see-through that I can't wear anything under it (other than an Assets pantie, because as God is my witness I am NOT just wearing a thong under that thing. Besides, my saddlebags are still too bad and pooch out even with a girdle-y thing under it--dammit).

I am such a mess. I'm thrilled I can wear something that says "size 6 - 12," but it really sucks to have lost all this weight and still feel fat wearing this costume. It's not snug on me anywhere but on my hopelessly hippy ass, so I suppose I should be happy about it. But I'm not.

All the more motivation to get on board with Precision Nutrition, which I'm in the thick of reading about. To lose fat, it's a pretty strict carb-controlled diet. With, get this, VEGGIES AT EVERY MEAL! No kidding. 10-15 servings of veggies a day. Oh. My. I've got a lot more to read and am not starting it until next week. I'm impressed with his writing (I'm a sucker for someone who can write well and knows how to - mostly - use a semicolon) and the nutrition info is sound. He's also into long term results and has a no BS attitude about what it takes to change your body.

Back to Halloween--we have a party tonight where it's 80s themed. This costume involves a long black sleeveless angora sweater with a huge silver belt that I got at Plato's Closet (meaning, they are actually from this decade) and authentic 80s green plaid stirrup pants from my girlfriend who evidently never throws out anything. (She's a high school English teacher and has a costume closet, partially supplied with her decades-old clothes.) I'm gonna make my hair really big and wear lace fingerless gloves and big earrings and loud makeup. It's gonna be so much fun. This costume actually looks good on me, and I was happy to find the "Forever 21" sweater in a size M that fit me, and with a belt. Woohoo, bring back the 80s! (not)

Most of you are fans of Wendy, so y'all likely know this already... but be sure to go wish her Good Luck for Sunday's Marine Corp Marathon. She's totally gonna rock the race, and positive vibes from her fans can't do anything but help. GO WENDY! GO WENDY! GO WENDY!

Sophie Update: She's still doing okay. She was tired at school yesterday and she said she got some dizzy shivers (not full blown dizzyness but I guess she feels waves of something go through her). This morning, not one complaint at all. She is still so bloated and even achy from the prednisone. We met with her teacher yesterday at the P/T conference, and she had nothing but lovely things to say about her. Sophie is apparently a little mother hen to her classmates (wonder where she gets that from?) and intuitively knows what other kids need when they need it. But since she's been back after being sick, that part of her is missing. She's had to work hard to catch up on the work she's missed, and she's just not herself in class, Mrs. K. said. It made me proud and sad at the same time. Our little girl is such a special soul, and we've just got to get her better. We're done with prednisone Monday, but I think the effects last for several days after she's off it. We'll find out more at her Pediatrician appointment Monday afternoon.

UPDATE: I added a progress pic, at 155 pounds, taken by Sophie last Saturday.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

WOOHOO, I know the costume is causing problems but you LOOK awesome!! Way to go!!

Plato's Closet?? We have that. My nieces take me and crack up at me when I call it Jupiter's Hanger. I always feel so old going in there!

Lori said...

You look fabulous!

You are amazing!

I don't know if I could eat that many servings of vegetables with no carbs. I'd be confessing state secrets in a few days, I suspect.

Can you get a white sheet and jerry-rig a Wilma outfit instead of using that? I mean, there's not too much of a difference between Wilma's dress and Toga! Toga! Or wear a slip (or drape a half slip over the bust line)? You cracked me up w/ the thong line. Your 80s outfit sounds cool. That Guy was going as a Prepster from the 80s last year (I don't know if he really did that or not).

I'm glad Sophie is still feeling more better than not. I just wish (like you) she was back to 100% better.

Have fun with your parties and you will be knocking them dead!

Marcy said...

OMFG!!!! You look absolutely AMAZING!!!! Look at you!!! Awesome, awesome job chica!! All your hardwork has definitely paid off!!

We also have a Plato's Closet. I thought it was just some regular clothes store LOL (I've never been in hehe)

Grumpy Chair said...

You look super, super, great!!!!

I was going to suggest you line the costume (don't know if you sew or not). Have fun Saturday night.

Jess said...

Yay for the picture! I love being able to see my fellow bloggers, and you look great!

I'm sure that Wilma costume will look fantabulous on you -- and have a few warm up drinks beforehand if you feel too self-conscious!

ws said...

first, that's a great picture, you look amazing.

second, have a great weekend and hope Sophie is doing well.

third, thanks for the shout-out

Tigerlilly said...

Wow.. you look great!! and good luck with the costume... hope its not a cold night! LOL

Vickie said...

Your picture is too cute - hope ones of you in costume are coming our way soon!!!!