Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 231 - 152.8 -- Bad day

It's good to see that loss holding steady again this morning. I am really thrilled that it's not jumped back up, as is usually what happens when I have a couple nice losses in a row. Water weight ups and downs, and all that good stuff.

Ran another 4 miles last night. I kept my shirt on this time as it was in the upper 50s. Man I do love this fall weather. I made terrific time--43:35. And I really am getting into a groove running, only taking walk breaks to cross traffic and drink water (I drop off a bottle on the way out, which is my 3 mile mark on my way back into my neighborhood). When it was hot I was walking every 6 or 7 minutes, and sometimes oftener than that.

I also really like running at night. I like the dark, and I like coming home and not feeling hungry because I've just had a great run. It's helping me avoid that night time snacking I struggle with.

Sophie is really sick today. She woke up at 5:30 crying and dizzy. When she's dizzy while lying down, it's really bad. Sure enough, she was light and touch sensitive, cried on and off for about 30 minutes with the dizziness. I gave her an antivert (we had some left over from her previous spell in May) and it helps her sleep and alleviates the spinning some what but not entirely. She slept from 7 until almost 9, then woke up and vomited all over the bed. The poor poor baby. She's been immobile all day, watching cartoons (thank God for Noggin), but at least she's not crying any more.

I've got Luke with me too, which is a whole other story. DH was in a huge hurry to get to the office this morning, was pissed at the situation because I had to stay home and not work, and didn't have time to take Luke to the sitter. Whatever. I was pretty pissed at him for being such a stress bucket and taking it out on me. I couldn't leave the house with Sophie in the shape she was in, so I get to have them both today.

Then, to top things off, the other assistant in the office had to leave because of a relative who is close to death and probably not going to make it. They've called in the family to the hospital. So, there's no one at the office to get the phones. I decided I'd try to go in, and am just waiting for Luke to wake up and I'll pack us all up and drop Luke off at the sitter (and she thought she was getting the day off from him!) and take Sophie to the office with me. I'm praying she can make it for a few hours. I just gave her another antivert and hopefully it will keep the dizziness under control somewhat.

Of course, with all the stress and irritation I was going through this morning, I ate 2 pieces of toast with my 2 eggs, and then 4 mini cookies. I just wanted to get numb and fall asleep. Neither happened.

And here I thought losing weight was supposed to make your life perfect. Isn't that what the diet industry is selling? Thank goodness I have found running--it's what I'm longing for and hanging on to to keep me sane.


Lori said...

I'm sorry you had a bumpy day with the Sophie being sick and being needed at the office and the two kids. I hope Sophie feels better soon. Poor thing.

Yes, isn't weight loss supposed to solve our dating/marriage issues, money issues, day care issues, etc? :-)

That's pretty awesome with the stresses going on that you only had the eggs and toast and 4 minicookies. That's REALLY good, Laura. I might have dipped into a can of frosting or something if I were in your shoes.

Keep on running!

ws said...

sorry you are having a bad day. hope Sophie feels better soon.

If the first sentence of your last paragraph were true the last 11 months of my life would have been perfect. Hopefully running is your panacea...

Non-Runner Nancy said...

oh poor thing. I hope she gets better soon. Yes, the life of a mom. Mine are all of sudden saying their ears hurt. I am going to crank out a few hours of work tonight in case I don't get any tomorrow. At least I have some warning. Psst, I was down a couple pounds !!

Marcy said...

(((HUGS))) sounds like one heck of a day and it was only the beginning! Hang in there chica! I hope the kiddo starts feeling better soon. Poor thing!

Grumpy Chair said...

Ugh. Hope today is better. I feel so bad for Sophie.

I agree with Lori, you did most excellent staying away from the sugar bowl (like someone else we know who has had a stressful week . . . ahem).

Jess said...

I'm so sorry that your daughter is still so ill -- poor thing. I hope she recovers soon.

It certainly is a misconception that a perfect exterior makes life perfect. I had a friend in college who was the most beautiful woman I have ever known in real life -- seriously, she looked like a real life Barbie. Plus, she was very nice, lots of fun, and was very smart: perfect person. But bad things still happened to her. Her dad died of a heart attack our senior year, her "perfect" boyfriend who we all envied, broke up with her for another girl, who wasn't half as pretty as she, and she got herpes -- in her eye! (Yeah, no one knew that could happen.)

I wasn't glad these things happened to her, because I really did like her, but it helped me to understand that bad things happen to everyone -- even those who are thin and beautiful.