Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 212 - 156.8 A Rare Saturday Post

Usually I don't post on the weekends, what with being chained to the kids and all, but the boy is getting old enough that he plays by himself or watches TV long enough I can sneak a few minutes on my laptop. Right now the Backyardigans are on. I love that one.

So I ate like a fiend last night. I have no idea why. Had a good day food wise, passed up a bunch of junk at our friends' house (we do a Friday night group with our church friends about once a month, where 7 couples with about 50 kids between us get together and eat and play), but when I got home and after the kids were in bed I had 2 bites of my daughter's cupcake, 2 Slimfast snack/candy bars (have GOT to stop buying those--they are mini Butterfinger bars and completely addictive) and yogurt with Grape Nuts (yummy).

That doesn't sound like much, but it's over 500 calories and I've had a couple nights like that this week. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that an extra 1500+ calories a week are enough to stop weight loss from happening. Or even a weight gain.

Some of the gain is likely water weight, but I still don't like to see gains for several days in a row. It frustrates the hell out of me and makes me feel rebellious even, which is definitely the wrong way to go with this. So I'm blogging my feelings and trying to work this out here instead of eating my way through a box of cookies.

I didn't get to run yesterday because we were at a funeral visitation for a friend's grandmother for longer than we had planned. It's probably best I didn't run, even though I wanted to badly, because my left hamstring ached last night and my left heel was feeling really tight. But today, I am getting in at least 3 miles. That will put me at just over 14 for the week, which is a by-the-book increase of 10% per week. I want to run more, but I'm too old to be trying to prove something and getting myself injured. There's no hurry, so I'm just gonna take it easy on the miles like a good girl.

Oh! And my gym has reopened.... kind of. It is so serendipitous how things worked out with the gym fire. There was a lot of water damage from a pipe breaking and from the firemen on the roof. The lobby, dressing rooms, indoor tennis courts, offices, day care area, fitness center, and b-ball courts are damaged. The serendipity comes in like this--the club had ordered new fitness equipment and it had come in this week, after the fire, so they have all the new stuff ready to go; there's an empty huge building space across the street from the gym where they've set up all the equipment, dressing rooms, and a day care area. The pool is functional, so Sophie can have swim lessons Monday. And that's all I use so it's all I care about. Ha.

So I don't have to run today in 90 degree, ozone-laden air. I have to admit, though, that the fire was a good thing for me. I'd never had run outside 3 times and learned that I can run like a real runner. I've been married to the treadmill for so long, I was a little afraid of running outside. I know it's stupid, but it was true. I suppose the race really broke that mind set first, but this past week has proven that I can keep pace and keep moving without flashing red lights giving me constant feedback.

But I sure likes me some instant feedback. Maybe if I'm good Santa will bring me a Garmin for Christmas.


ws said...

50 kids in one house at one time, enough reason to stay far away from Indiana!

I have an older Garmin (201) but you can get a new 205 (the new model) on amazon for $160ish. My theory on buying running paraphenalia is one mile for every dollar spent - so at 15 mi/week that would be like 2-3 months of running. Totally worth it - who wouldn't want to be a slave to their incessant beeping watch.

Laura N said...

Just so you all know, there 17 kids, with 2 pregnant women in the group. And at least 2 couples are still planning on have more. So we could end up with 21 kids by the time everyone's done. For 7 couples, that's a lot of ankle biters in one house at one time. The oldest kid is 10, the youngest is 7 weeks. It's fun when we all get together, but it's nuts.

Tigerlilly said...

Ok.. you have lost me in the 'running lingo'.. what is a Garmin??

At least you have admitted to doing wrong.. now you can fix it.. quit eating at night!! I have solved this problem by trying to learn how to knit.. it keeps my hands busy so I cant stuff my face with them!! LOL

Have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday!

the veggie paparazzo said...

How are you feeling when you snack late at night? Are you actually hungry? Are you feeling bored? Sad? Lonely?

Jess said...

At first, I didn't love my Garmin and it took a long while for me to develop a relationship with it, but now I love having it along for the runs. And personally, I hate the treadmill and would take things outside any day -- even here in FL where running outside = running in a sauna. Year round.